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    07-14-2020, 08:23 PM
    kutter replied to a thread Ginsburg Hospitalized in Politics
    Well she is hospitalized again, I wonder if she will make back out again. Her and Roberts both seem to have a surprisig number of health issues,...
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    07-13-2020, 03:15 PM
    kutter replied to a thread Blatant media malfeasance in Politics
    Here is a thought: DON'T STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING ROAD! Your odds of being struck by a vehicle go down exponentially if you are not in the...
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    07-13-2020, 10:06 AM
    kutter replied to a thread Robert Mueller Speaks Out in Politics
    If she gets re-elected then magically she will become one, just watch. How people in congress who make on average less than $200K a year so quickly...
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    07-11-2020, 09:56 AM
    They will almost certainly have them at next months Duskruin, unless the shop has been discontinued for some reason. Just have to dig around in the...
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    07-10-2020, 04:18 AM
    kutter replied to a thread Keep Barr in Politics
    For all we know it could have been MI-6 that did it. There is no doubt in my mind that QEII has the gonads to prevent yet another scandal on the...
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    06-29-2020, 04:21 PM
    You left one out though, one-handed polearm and shield. Mine swings a naginata but when he gets too heavy or if things are especially exciting he...
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    06-29-2020, 08:09 AM
    kutter replied to a thread monks in DR Arena in Monk
    I understand it is about monks, just have never played any character that is UAC with MoC, so not familiar with the mechanics at all, in fact only...
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    06-27-2020, 04:51 PM
    kutter replied to a thread Skinning gauntlet in Wanted
    I think Teras has some that do damage as well when searched.
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    06-27-2020, 04:49 PM
    kutter replied to a thread monks in DR Arena in Monk
    Maerit, just curios why you say MoC, is that for multiple attacks? My 70's UAC wizard has no MoC and maxes the arena nearly every time except for the...
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    06-26-2020, 12:04 PM
    My 70's mage makes more than my capped mage. Capped hunting areas tend to be overhunted since there are so few. TGO is right, you would spend a lot...
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    06-25-2020, 08:36 PM
    It's because NASCAR is WOKE NOW! Next year they will have soy tacos and chai lattes for sale!
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    06-25-2020, 01:11 AM
    Ok, if you are going to call me a racist, then you have to clarify how pointing out that a piece of line that has been spliced so it cannot be used...
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    06-24-2020, 06:22 PM
    Uhm, that is a an eye splice into double braided line so it can go over a cleat or bollard to secure a vessel. It is by its very design, not able to...
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    06-24-2020, 06:12 PM
    kutter replied to a thread Halfling UAC in Rogue
    At only 2X in pick/disarm with self cast spells you will be in your 60's before you have any issues picking your own boxes.
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    06-24-2020, 07:31 AM
    For some reason the script is not buying green starstones from the Teras alchemy shop, not sure about the other color, I forget which one that is. I...
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    06-16-2020, 07:26 PM
    kutter replied to a thread Lich Issue in The Lich Project
    Still having the same issue.
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