The O, big body, tiny head.

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I'm going to preface this by saying the unit looks absurd. It's got a cone for a head and looks like a sumo-wrestler. The upside of looking like a jackass is, well... the stats speak for themselves.

As an assault unit, it's got great armor, speed, and boost. It suffers in the boost charge area but the bonus you get from the load capacity is pretty great. All it really needs is the swords and the blocking ability it has. The O can't be knocked down. Which means dealing with it up close is a massive mistake. Oh and dealing with it from afar doesn't really pay out because it has a 10 minute (3000 HP) shield that stops nearly all damage from small arms. A rocket launcher also deals 10% of its total damage to the shield.

We aren't even going to bother with weapons. People go right to the beam saber and shield. For good reason. The O is used like a battering ram. It's not impossible to kill, it's just very difficult.

What's that Awakening stat that jumps everything up to crazy levels? I'd compare it to the EXAM system from various sources but that doesn't do it justice. Awakening pumps all stats and damage. It limits you to melee and your health rapidly deteriorates (600 damage until you die, each second) but... well, a group of O's can smash through pretty much anything. They can take a base from full health to nothing. They deal a whopping 24,000 HP per swing and due to the triple wielding, spinning attacks, the damage is doubled further to 48,000 in ONE charge.

That said, The O has some terrible lift, meaning you only need to go up and you're relatively safe. Fire also works, since it quadruples the boost consumption of a unit and deals minor damage. Awakening also kills the unit so forcing these guys to pop early mitigates damage to bases. If you're actively hurting The O while in Awakening, you can kill them quickly.

Still, a very good unit that's available to both sides. Even if it looks like garbage.
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  1. Astray's Avatar
    I'm going to try to pull some video from the game of my amazing first time using the unit. Luckily, the game still saved the replay after maintenance.