Week 9 Update

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Week 9: 20 - 26 July
Goals: 35 total miles, 15 mile long run (Passed, Failed)
Week's Total Miles: 37.5
Longest Run: 12.7 Miles
Street Runs: 3 (9, 5.7, 12.7)
Trail Runs: 1 (10)
Track Runs: 0
Trail Hikes (NA for Weekly Mileage): 1 (3.8)

As of July 26th:
Total Weekly Steps: 149,994
Resting Heart Rate: 71
Weight: 231.4
% Body Fat: 24.8
BMI: 30.3

Notes: Though I failed meeting my long run goal, I had several long runs throughout the week that went well. Yesterday I ended up running 10 miles on the C&O with my friend who will also be running the 50 mile. I don't do well in the heat, but we still managed to grind out the run without stopping longer than a few moments.

I've also been dieting as I have an upcoming funeral to attend in a few week's time. My grandma was cremated shortly after her death, but a ceremony wont be held for some time as several members of the family are abroad ATM. This dieting will most definitely effect my performance, but i'm still going to set aggressive mileage goals and keep pushing forward.

Next Week's Goal: 37.5 miles, 15 mile long run.

16 Weeks until JFK
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