Week 8 Update

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Week 8: 13 - 19 July
Goals: 35 total miles, 15 mile long run (Failed x 2)
Week's Total Miles: 24.2
Longest Run: 7.1 Miles
Street Runs: 3 (4.9, 7.1, 6.7)
Trail Runs: 1 (5.3)
Track Runs: 0
Trail Hikes (NA for Weekly Mileage): 0

As of July 19th:
Total Weekly Steps: 100,159
Resting Heart Rate: 84
Weight: 239.8
% Body Fat: 27.9
BMI: 31.5

Notes: I am omitting the new "Long Run" data segment because I didn't run one. Sunday, even at night was too hot for me and I gassed out early into the run. I also ate too large a meal too close to the start of my exercise. Lesson learned. Not much else to say other than it was a bad week and i'll be keeping my goals the same for this week in an attempt to make up for lost ground.


I whooped Nuadja's ass in steps for the Fitbit weekly challenge. If anyone has a Fitbit and wants to join up for challenges and the like, let me know and i'll send you a friend request.

Next Week's Goals: 35 total miles, 15 mile long run

17 Weeks until JFK
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