Week 7 Update: Part 2 of 2

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For this week's update I wanted to show off 3 new pieces of gear i've been using on my runs:

First off, the Nathan VaporAir Hydration Vest

I drink a lot of water when I run in addition to cooling myself off, so I needed a means to comfortably carry a large supply. The half-marathon on the C&O 2 weeks ago showed me that 1 water bottle is simply insufficient for long runs. The pockets on the vest also provide a means for easy carrying of running goo and gummies. I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend this vest to anyone looking for a hydration pack for biking/running.

Next up is the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Monitor

This heart rate monitor proved a somewhat redundant purchase due to the accuracy of my Fitbit Charge HR watch. I was told be several people that wrist-worn heart rate monitors are inaccurate. However, the difference between my watch and this chest strap prove to be only 1-3 BPM at any given time. That being said, the monitor provides plenty of other interesting metrics which you can see under Part 1 of this week's Long Run update. I find the strap slightly uncomfortable to wear during runs, but it certainly isn't causing any sort of rash or restriction of movement, so overall i'm happy with the device.

Finally, we have the Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

If the Ragnar races taught me anything, it's the value of adequate lighting while running at night. Even on Fort Detrick, there are segments of the perimeter which simply prove too dark to run safely without additional lighting. The Revolt has proven to be a acceptable solution to this problem, though it isn't quite as bright as I would like in its flood light mode. It is, however, rechargeable and waterproof, which will be sufficient for now. I suspect I will update at some point to something a bit stronger, but not for some time.

Well...that's it for this week. See you space cowboys.
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