GMs are going to literally rewrite game lore and mechanics to remove racism

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OMG! You guys are all offending me! I need a safe place!

I'm offended that you've offended me. In fact, I'm so offended I need to have a fantasy game changed to prevent me from choosing to be offended about being offended by things that don't offend me because they're not real.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, offends me.
"You find me offensive? I find you offensive
For finding me offensive
Hence if I should draw the line any fences
If so to what extent if at
Any, should I go? 'Cause it's getting expensive"
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  1. Bhaalizmo's Avatar
    You know how I know you're racist?

    (hint: this)
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  2. Stanley Burrell's Avatar
    You find me offensive? I find you offensive –– Shit, this is the same verse, I just did this