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Deep in the Nevada desert...

...lies a secret futuristic world.

Would Jack's technology save humankind?

It started with Jack's epiphany, but he feared it was a power too great. All around the globe, the oil reserves are dangerously low. Superpowers brace for battle over what remains.

Should Jack share his energy solution?

He thinks it's too dangerous.

The power potential is as important as Prometheus discovering fire and giving it to man. There must be a way to use what he knows, but he's conflicted. Maybe the brilliant mind of Mykl can solve the puzzle?

Mykl is five.

Is the answer worth the cost?

You'll love this Dystopian Science Fiction, because the world building is brilliant, the technology is fascinating, and the story keeps you turning pages. And don't be fooled...

...this isn't for kids.


THE PROMETHEUS EFFECT by David Fleming, in case the link below seems frightening.

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