Was gone for about 4 years, now I am back.

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I had to go take care of some business. The Marine Corps came to me shortly before 9-11 and wanted me to go into Intelligence. I was incredibly physical and understood a program they had for physical intelligence operatives. I went into the most physical program the Marine Corps had so that I could act on the information without telling anyone so there would be less of a 'warning' for the "enemy". Something like stealth intelligence operations. I didn't want the foreshadowing, I didn't want the telegraphing, I didn't want the 'money trail'. I simply didn't want them to know what I was working on so I could hit them harder. I left the Marine Corps in 2004 and started doing my own private work. I am the owner of a Private Intelligence Firm now, and GS4 and Dragonrealms helps me to dissociate and relax. I really love getting into the game... I get pulled away from real life where I have so much second hand PTSD. Some of the problems that have to be addressed are like getting smacked in the face with a dick... literally. Some of the things going on in real life. I specialize in Sociology, sociological dynamics like ripple effects that negatively affect us all, and dynamics like things that could be going on that would benefit us all that are not yet implemented. I tell you that all the time I feel like I just got dick smacked. I really like to go into the game to get pulled out of my second hand PTSD dynamic. One of my favorite things to do is to write scripts inside the game and watch them do things I could not do manually. After 4 years there is going to be a lot of work just remembering how to write scripts the same and understanding changes made to the system.. some script stuff does not work that used to. I cannot wait to be able to write scripts like I used to. I bought Sabreon and had a few other capped characters and I wrote a script that incorporated them all and would hunt and sell the loot perfectly... making a few mil a day. Then I left the country and after 4 years I am back. I didn't get hurt but I am dealing with second hand PTSD. For me Dragonrealms and GS4 is therapy.

Thank you for the help I receive on a regular basis from those more than willing to help me with the questions I have about the game and specifically writing scripts.

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    Private investigations? We might have some work involving male lactation and couch surfing. Your contact will be codenamed Methais. Burn this message after reading.
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    In this video I go over the difference between parry and block and how to utilize them to enhance your offense.

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    No private intelligence, not investigations.
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    In the video I provide some private intelligence for free.
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    In response to:

    "Private investigations? We might have some work involving male lactation and couch surfing. Your contact will be codenamed Methais. Burn this message after reading."

    This isn't the positive social distinctiveness dynamic mechanism of one identifying a different positive social distinctiveness dynamic (I said I don't like getting dick smacked) and because it is a different like 'race' attacking is it? You're not attacking because I am not gay are you? Because that happens all the time.
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    I notified the White House about some of the activity going on in this forum and inside of the game. Did you know that there are religions on this earth, especially in America, that have to sacrifice/kill you for erroneous comments like this? You do not make a statement like that in response to the statement you were responding to. You sure as hell don't talk like that. That was psychological warfare, and by law you are a terrorist. You don't have to use a weapon. This is my profession, I am an expert. You utilized adultery which is a deadly sin. Things will be different now. There will be a lot more respect shown, less adultery, and so on. It will be more like it used to be when it started... more 'in game'. Just wait until the Satanic Cult sees this shit.
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    Like I said with the music video.. don't call me angel.
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    Here is another video on making combat in DR and GS4 more realistic:
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    third video:

    fourth video:

    fifth video:

    Now I have 8 videos explaining what I have been doing since 9-11 and specifically the last 8 years:

    like these girls are saying... don't call me Angel...

    so yea... I had some things going on that took me away from the game for a few years. Glad to be back though, hoping to add a lot of things to DR and GS4.


    p.s. don't tell me Taernath was just roleplaying. Kinda forgot I was in a roleplaying zone. So was he roleplaying or not? If he was roleplaying I am going to have to cover some shit up.
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    Posted my business website on the internet today:
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    I wish you the best. And safety.