Prototype Gundam featuring Synchronized Jumping

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Pardon my edgy gold and black paint scheme.

So this is a mid-tier Assault unit with decent HP and the benefit of a long reaching spear. The unit has a beam rifle but it doesn't charge so I defaulted to the Bazooka. It's a boring tactic but it ultimately pays out in the long run. Hit, stagger, swing, retreat, repeat.

The unit is pretty great at fighting but I feel like if it didn't have a bazooka or it relied on something else, this would be a gimped suit. The spear has a vicious down swing on it that pretty much cripples most unit parts if you apply the most basic of pressure on them before or after they eat a shot. The wide swing also makes it pretty sweet for crowd control.

It also has a pair of beam sabers but they aren't really worthwhile. The spear is where it's at.
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