Zudah, featuring the 135mm Rifle

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Anti-ship rifle that fires a 135mm slug designed to take out ships. The Zudah is the only one able to use it and it's not a yellow or blue, it's a red.

And welcome back to my awful painting decisions. Here we can see some awful shit I threw on this unit.

The rifle I'm using is level one. I unlocked a level 4 shortly after playing with this unit a few times. Now with all that in mind, pay close attention to this fight between myself and a sniper. Level 1. Our opening exchange has me getting a bit more confident in shooting but later on I just whiff every shot.

I want to take a moment and say that HD does little justice, this game is gorgeous. The light coming from behind that guy as I miss all my shots is just... impressive. The way the unit explodes and lights up the area of space is spectacular.

That sniper again. I just dominate him and finish him off with a tackle. Go back and help my teammates. Miss a lot of shots and wind up eating lots of bullets. That sniper gets a bit of revenge. I get some revenge. I want to point out the sparks and the little touches of leg movements that follow bouncing off a wall.

Eat lots of bullets at the end of the map and we're good. Good fight. Good rifle. Good MS.
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