Ez-8, the thrusting robot.

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This thing hunches over and puts its beam saber down to dick level and rushes forward.

This unit is a perfect all-rounder that can use beams, bullets and bazookas. Has a two swing, absolutely broken, melee, slots for days, and a dodge roll. Good stats and topped off with a shield. The only drawback is you can't use it in space.

This map is atrociously big for 5 v 5. Lots of weird exchanges and scuffles. The problem with planting the bomb like that guy who ditched his MS did is that planting the bomb takes like 7 seconds. You need to be sneaky as well as skilled to keep a group of people off your ass before the bomb is even in place. Now defend it for 60 seconds.

I shoot like a drunk walrus, Jesus Christ those shots aren't even close. I don't know why I didn't maximize on the White Zaku. Also what the fuck was I doing going off to fight that Ifrit? I knock him down and I stand there doing no damage. I'm pretty sure I wanted to end this with melee. Yep, out comes the shotgun and the leg malfunctions. Had he not been so trigger happy and got the shot off when he'd finished turning, I would've been toast. Now my legs completely break down. And the counter makes it my victory. Lol at the dude trying to take the kill.

The walk of shame as my legs continue to be broken. Live through all those close calls only to get wiped out by some bombs dropped on me. Is this karma?

OH! I'm sorry, I didn't think I introduced myself. I stole every spot, save accuracy. Yes. A walrus.
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