Dom, I have the worst taste in color.

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Back on the main account.

The Dom is a good unit for 300 cost at level 1. It has a grand total of 3 weapons (bazooka/machine gun, heat rod, and flash), makes swapping quick. It can swing up to two times with its melee and has a dodge maneuver with (minor) I-frames. The cherry on top though is the ability to stun-lock the piss out of the competition. The one drawback is the hovering slide of its movement.

This match is pretty much one-sided with me beating the holy hell out of one of the newer units, the double dagger guy. That unit is made of paper and it doesn't help that the Dom has an advantage over it, literally. The Dom is blue and the other one (Pixie, I'm not kidding) is a red. That advantage I brought up a while ago.

Really not much to add on this. I try to keep repairs to a minimum but I die a grand total of once. Came close but the other guy was panicking, I think he was my 'Rival' (a system that pairs you with another player for bonuses after the game, if you best them) and was desperate for kills at that point.

Oh if you're wondering what that weird wobbling movement is? It's basically this games version of t-bagging.
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