GM Cannon? I think you mean GM Swagon.

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This turned into a massacre. A genuine fucking massacre.

So this match went like I was expecting it to, given that this is my alt account with low level shit on it. The beginning is rough and in hindsight I could have gone the other way and maintained distance. I really didn't need to chase those dudes. The tactic they use is one I personally loathe. You can easily stun lock units and about halfway through I panic and wind up costing my team mate his unit.

I spawn back at base. Check stuff out, being cautious.

The real fun starts when I get on the roof of that warehouse. Jesus Christ I murder the shit out of everyone. Just one after the other. The splash radius on the main gun is so generous sometimes. I mean, I catch people around corners with it.

Pardon the moments of dead air. I don't know why I left that in. Towards the end of the match, there's a cheeky little shit that's just being absolutely obnoxious. He couldn't do damage to me and I'm betting he was hoping I'd ignore him so he can get on that roof and try to melee me.
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