GM Kai space fighting

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I try to get a bit of everything in this but space maps are such a mess of combat sometimes. Fighting is rough and unforgiving in the debris too. Lots of shit to get caught on.

Every so often you'll hear something ping off me when there's no enemies. That's debris. It actually makes me think I'm getting shot at sometimes.

I show lots of stuff here. The key thing being my weapon. It was 14k in the shop (you can earn 1k 3 times a day, otherwise you're stuck with 100's or lower) and I was hesitant because the range is short. Not too short but more than I'm comfortable with. It fires twice, one shortly after the initial shot and it helps me correct my aim sometimes without wasting solid ammo. I overheat it a few times but that's fine. I think the subsequent drain is what throws me a bit.

I use a Big Tray. That's the giant cannon platform I use towards the end. Getting hit by that thing is no joke and there's an innate lack of distance if you spawn on a certain side of the match. Apart from the insane damage it also throws you around and is really disorienting if you take the beam head on. I'm sad I didn't get to show off the Ball. It's a HUGELY underrated freebie unit with sniper range and no weakness (aside from being a metal coffin) or advantage. It's just there. These exist. They are great additions to this map type.
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