Gundam Battle Operation 2, Gundam G-3 footage

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Last one for the day. I kinda want to make a series, maybe. Not sure yet.

The G-3 is legitimately a monster if you position yourself wisely. Throughout the video you'll notice when I come across the duo of wide skirted units (Gelgoog, they pop up as the first duo I fought) I have 'disadvantage'. All my attacks are rounded down by about 10-25% (based on resistances of units and class vs damage), they could have slaughtered me through out but for whatever reason they ignored me.

There's some pretty slick dodging at one point where I think I got hit by a single missile? While it looks impressive, the unit that was firing on me has the same debuff because of class differences. Blue beats red, red beats yellow, yellow beats blue. On the flip side, beating people of the class that trumps yours is exceptionally rewarding.

Oh and if you're wondering why I keep aiming for the legs, it's to cripple enemies. You'll notice when the Gouf Custom (gatling guy) goes to scoot away and he falls on his ass. If you manage to cripple those completely, you're slowed to a crawl and its basically a death sentence. You can also damage the head but its not generally worth it because it just disables radar, makes the screen a little static filled. It's only really good to cripple the head of snipers because they can't zoom with their rifles.
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