Wuh hapen 2 u mang?

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I've been here and there, out and about, around the corner and over the bend. To say that the last (almost a) year has been hectic is kind of an understatement.

I had hurt my hand last year in August, managed to catch it between a palette jack and a forklift. Yeah, that fucking sucked. What sucked harder was being fired during an investigation into that job and having to move my ass around. Some medical fees and some legal fees later things were looking up.

Cue some personal drama that wound up in an assault charge following more legal fees and some shitty living circumstances. Couch surfing, legal fees, and, having hurt my hand again, more medical fees... the (almost) year hasn't been too kind.

HOWEVER! I have been cleared of the assault charge and I'm slowly getting back on my feet. Yeah, I posted in that other place but shhh, my infidelity isn't on trial here.

It's just good to be back.
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