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The Wedding of Dirvy and Zailon - Part 2

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Brokkrsten deeply says, "This evenin' we are gathered here ta witness the joinin' of Dirvy an Zailon."

Brokkrsten deeply says, "We do so under the gaze o' Imaera, whose stars above stand in silent testimony o' these proceedin's."

Brokkrsten gazes up into the heavens.

Brokkrsten recites deeply:

"Imaera, behold our family here assembled.
We thank ya fer this place in which we dwell,
And fer the love that unites us.
We ask yer blessing upon this union between Dirvy an Zailon."

Brokkrsten glances between Dirvy and Zailon.
Brokkrsten turns to face Zailon.
Brokkrsten smiles and nods to Zailon.

Shadows grow and a chill creeps through the air. A raucous crow flaps its wings, disturbing the stillness of the forest, and perches on a branch overhead. It tilts its head back and forth, watching the ceremony below.

Zailon turns to face Dirvy.
Zailon clasps Dirvy's hand tenderly.
Zailon says, "I promise to be your lover, friend and companion."
Zailon says, "Your ally in scandal."
Zailon says, "Your greatest fan and your most ardent champion."
Dirvy gazes lovingly at Zailon.
Zailon says, "Your cohort in coffee."
Dirvy softly giggles.
Zailon says, "Your standard bearer, and kitten wrangler."
Dirvy bites her lip.
Zailon says, "Your accomplice in mischief."
Zailon says, "This is my vow to you, my equal in all things."
Dirvy gazes lovingly at Zailon.
Zailon smiles lovingly at Dirvy and gently squeezes her hand.

Brokkrsten turns to face Dirvy.
Brokkrsten smiles and nods to Dirvy.

A crisp snapping sound is heard in the dark as a twig breaks, and a tawny brown doe steps from the forest. The doe moves closer toward the circle of candlelight to quietly observe the gathering, before she silently turns and retreats into the forest.

Dirvy gazes lovingly at Zailon.
Dirvy takes a deep breath.

Dirvy recites bashfully to Zailon:

"I will never forget the moment I fell in love with you."

Zailon smiles.

Dirvy recites reflectively to Zailon:

"A few weeks after you first kissed me, you conspired with your best man and our very dear friend, Rovvigen, and planned an event called "Tales of First Loves"."

Dirvy recites shyly to Zailon:

"This event was to announce to all of Elanthia that we were officially and publicly together."

Dirvy recites diffidently to Zailon:

"I remember whispering to you that I was not your first love."

Dirvy blushes a pink shade at Zailon, the color darkening her whole face!

Dirvy recites amusedly to Zailon:

"Your response was, "Says who?""

Zailon gazes lovingly at Dirvy.

Dirvy recites dreamily to Zailon:

"From that moment, I knew there was no other man for me."

Dirvy gazes lovingly at Zailon.

Dirvy recites appreciatively to Zailon:

"You have always encouraged me to do anything and everything I wanted."

Dirvy recites adoringly to Zailon:

"You have never told me "no"."

Dirvy recites sheepishly to Zailon:

"You spoil me rotten and it is not something I was ever used to, but I love every minute of it."

Dirvy smiles softly at Zailon.
Dirvy recites gratefully to Zailon:
"You have seen every aspect of my life, from the good to the bad, and have always supported me."

Dirvy recites truthfully to Zailon:

"It was always you."

Dirvy recites wistfully to Zailon:

"Even through the few distractions I had along the way, I was stumbling my way towards you."

Zailon smiles.

Dirvy recites honestly to Zailon:

"I promise to never lie to you or keep things from you."

Dirvy recites devotedly to Zailon:

"I promise to always be faithful, because there is no man who could ever replace you."

Dirvy recites emotionally to Zailon:
"I promise to cherish every moment with you, as if it was our last."

Dirvy recites proudly to Zailon:

"I promise to notice the little things you do and make a big deal of them."

Dirvy recites resolutely to Zailon:

"I promise to always find you if you are lost."

Dirvy reaches over and gently traces Zailon's cheek with her fingertip.

Dirvy recites reassuringly to Zailon:

"I promise to never let you feel alone."

Dirvy recites stoically to Zailon:

"I promise to heal you if you are hurt."

Dirvy recites warmly to Zailon:

"I promise to be your solace when you are stressed."

Dirvy recites softly to Zailon:

"You allow my light to shine in your dark."

Dirvy recites lovingly to Zailon:

"I love you for everything you have been, everything you are, and everything you will be."

(Dirvy makes a heart shape with her fingers and thumbs.)
Zailon smiles.
Dirvy smiles lovingly at Zailon and gives his hand a gentle squeeze.
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