30 day challenge - 100 pushups, 100 situps

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I have been working out a great deal the last 6 months or so and have lost about 25 lbs and slimmed down/toned down decently. I have adjusted my diet and try to go to the gym at least three days a week. I am loving my results but wanted to supplement my workouts with side work to help improve my results and am going to map the results here. I have decided in addition to my normal routine I am going to add 100 pushups and 100 situps to my daily regimen. I may post pictures but I am going to have my wife take the photo's to crop my face so everyones shaming can be strictly body related *I can be kind of fuggly*. My current dimensions are below *weight was this morning and I will always do a morning weigh in over night time weigh in*. If you wish to join in you are welcome to and I am more than happy to provide motivation. Nothing fuels me more than helping others succeed in their goals to better themselves. I will provide weekly updates *pretty much for myself because most of you probably won't give a hoot* on my progress and do a measurement check 15 days in and then at the final.

I have personally challenged my wife to run a mile a day with against me, but I am including any running I do at the gym to that so I am not counting that into this particular challenge.

I am thinking if this goes well for me I will modify the 30 day challenge next month to include an additional exercise like squats.


Weight 205.5
Left arm 14 inches
Right arm 14.25 inches
Waist (above belly button) 42 inches
Chest - 45 inches (think I measured it right)
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  1. Orthin's Avatar
    One week down and three weeks to go! Progress has been good so far. People stare weirdly at me at work when I do my pushups but I can't get myself to bring my sweet ass abmat to work to do situps but still knocking them out. I was able to rattle off 30 pushups in one set today which was pretty promising too.

    Have a wedding in September that I am ramping up to so motivation is still furious
  2. Taernath's Avatar
    Congrats. Are you doing your 100 all at once, or in sets throughout the day?