Day 1

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Oubar and Besta hit Icemule yesterday for the first time. It was our first time in-game in a couple of years, and we were both surprised and dismayed at how much we remembered. Getting lich set up was simple... remembering which scripts and macros we used to use was a pain in the ass. That part is still a work in progress.

I started off wanting to be a THW cleric. I want to have the utility of a cleric, but be primarily a weapon-user, and thought I could make that work. Spawned with a holy ball and chain, then my wife and I laughed at how pathetic it was, even against rats. Did the level 1 thing (and remembered all of it for Icemule, which was shocking), then did the orientation spiel, then tested our mettle against rats. Besta (my wife's warrior) was cleaving through them with one hit, and I was pretty close to just throwing in the towel and rolling up a rogue or something.

We decided to do a single bounty, to see how it went. I got a foraging bounty, and couldn't find the stupid moss with a 75 end roll, at which point I had decided I was done and going to re-roll. The wife had a carrion worms bounty, so I decided to accompany her on that before rerolling. We went down and she fried almost right away, mowing through worms. I needed a d100 roll of 70 or better to hit them, and we were both laughing at how pathetic I was. She held back so I could try and get fried myself, and I just plinked away at these stupid things.

Then she, just messing around, tried to KICK a worm that I was flailing against. And killed it, viciously. Neither of us had ever had any experience with UAC, and I'd forgotten it was even a thing. I remembered then that Brawling clerics used to be a 'thing' (Voln Fu), and got excited at the possibilities. I immediately hit the character manager and switched over to brawling, then did a few minutes on the Wiki to figure out the basic mechanics.... then went on a killing spree.

Completely thrilled with the mechanics of it so far at level 3. We'll see how it goes, but went from wanting to reroll this character to being anxious to get back home and try him out some more!

EDIT: Realized after the fact that this 'blog' would go up on the main feed. Apologies all. Will find a new home for it.

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