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So, I've been lifting and working out and taking supplements and all that bullshit for the last couple months. Hell, I bought a pull up bar, when i was in the Marine I used to do about 26 pullups. I got this bar I could barely do two. I gained about twenty pounds though. I'm back up to doing about 15. I'm actually sticking at about 180. I've been doing curls and benching, I can see my muscles getting bigger... I can do about 50 pushups with no stop now, still working on that... My goal is to get to 100 with no stop, and back to at least 26 pullups.

I was selected for a Federal LE job, so before I get to the academy in Feb, I want to get as beast as possible.
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  1. saturn101's Avatar
    Pull-ups are the worst
  2. Whirlin's Avatar
    Creatine monohydrate is likely the best supplement for you to be taking if you're emphasizing weight training. It's one of the most heavily tested supplements out there. The basic idea is that it takes 2-3 days for your body to recover after doing anaerobic lifting, and if there's creatine in the mix, your muscles will continue to rebuild for an additional day. But, taking the supplement usually requires you to drink a lot of water, and you'll retain a little water weight, so it's really just for strength, not for the beach.

    Secondly, I highly recommend keeping track of all of your daily workouts, it helps track gains that you can refer to later, especially when you start to feel like you're plateauing.

    Lastly, Make sure you're working from broad muscle groups to more specific. On your pull day, start with the pullups, then bicep curls/forearm lifts, and shoulders, and on your pull days, start with bench press/push ups, then concentrate on triceps/chest individually... May as well finish off the set and say Leg press/squats first, then calves/quads/hamstrings. Don't skip leg day! Legs are your biggest muscles, so from a weight loss perspective, you get your best return caloric burn through leg day.

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