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  1. You're lying right now! Fool me once, etc. etc.
  2. I see you posted on my page again, drauz. I don't trust you though!
  3. Man, what other visitor's pages have interesting stuff? I never visit other pages, not even my own.
  4. hahaha, I'm totally redoing it, I promise!
  5. See, now why don't I get funny shit posted on my page? Yes, this is me being a whiny pussy.
  6. That's just exactly what you'd say to lull me into complacency then...BOOM, pustules and other ugliness. I'm onto your tricks.
  7. Why did I visit this when I saw drauz post here? Why, god, why?!? Luckily for me whatever he posted is just showing as a black block.
  8. Ah shit, I forgot how bad your visitor messages page was and now I'm mentally scarred again.
  9. I figured you could use a momentary break from all the other stuff.
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