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    Recharging Crystal

    Anyone out there with one that would let me test loresinging it with my bard? Get in touch, please.

    Zaigh 07-18-2019, 12:31 AM Go to last post

    9.27m male Dark Elf Wizard

    I can't remember why I ended up with those stats, I think it provides the best balance and most TPs? Society reset available but Voln is really the best

    wetsand 07-18-2019, 12:07 AM Go to last post

    100M Silver for sale

    Blocks of 20m at $5 per/million ($100)

    Buy entire block of 100m silver and receive bulk discount 100m at $4.5 per/million ($450)

    Bryce 07-18-2019, 12:00 AM Go to last post

    Wtb near or fresh capped char, female preferred.

    Still looking for female level 85+.. bard sorc or pally would be new and interesting, but open to most race/class combos. Decent name and clean record

    Yesnomaybe 07-17-2019, 11:57 PM Go to last post

    9.27m male Dark Elf Wizard

    Did Polveiss make this one, too? lol This is the only other wizard (other than the one I own) that I've seen with 91 DEX at cap. It drives me nuts. Does

    ElevenElven 07-17-2019, 11:30 PM Go to last post