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  1. Cross Posting my Tumblr

    How I Found the Overman and Cried Hallelujah
    The Ways Kina Grannis Resembles Nietzsche

    The Three Metamorphoses of Kina

    The overman will go under, and his spirit will undergo three metamorphoses.

    First he lays himself down before the world and is burdened with all its good and evil. His spirit becomes the camel and is laden, and goes off into the desert for forty days and nights.

    Weary and alone, the camel comes face to face with ...
  2. Nonsense blog

    Ahmahgahd a blog! Time to post useless shit here!

    So, I'm going to get right down to it and post some MSGO shit. We'll be reviewing the Federation and Zeon iconic fodder suits. While there isn't exactly a difference between the two, they are pretty essential assault types. Learning the ins and outs of these units gives you a rough example on what to expect with other suits of the assault class

    We'll start with the GM.


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  3. So Sentrals' Blog has begun

    So my bog is here and i'am going to blog blog blog about it all hell yeah!!!!
  4. So what's going on?

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    I just tried it.. must be part of the vBulletin upgrade. It puts it on your individual blog page.

    This is going in my blog!
  5. Dear Journal

    Well journal, it's true what they say: "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life."

    It was last Friday night and the lights were low.
    I was just looking out for a place to go where they play right RIGHT music, so I could get in the swing.

    I came in to look for a king. Anybody could be that guy. The night was young and the music was high. With a bit of rock and music everyone was fine. I'm in the mood for a dance when I get a chance. ...
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