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  1. Lich and ruby download for windows 10

    Hi I need some help downloading lich and ruby for windows 10, I have tried everything but now im lost and it wont work. it keeps telling me to install sqlite3 but when I click on it to download it doesn't do anything. in the directions it says it will bring up a black window and it will download but it doesn't. if anyone can help me figure this out it would be amazing. thank you for all the help anyone can give.
  2. +10 logic base Sai for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by Bakira View Post
    a 2x glaes-hilted ora sai with perm somewhat damage weighting (4 CER) and enhancive as follows: +10 logic base (22) and +2 spirit lore blessing ranks (10).

    I will include a fusion Shaman Token if you want to orb it.

    The harmonics generated tell you that the sai does extra damage when it strikes.
    The sai resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a boost of 10 to Logic Base.
    This enhancement
  3. Was gone for about 4 years, now I am back.

    I had to go take care of some business. The Marine Corps came to me shortly before 9-11 and wanted me to go into Intelligence. I was incredibly physical and understood a program they had for physical intelligence operatives. I went into the most physical program the Marine Corps had so that I could act on the information without telling anyone so there would be less of a 'warning' for the "enemy". Something like stealth intelligence operations. I didn't want the foreshadowing, I didn't ...
  4. Capped Empath

    Quote Originally Posted by Razadine View Post
    I am selling off my other empath due to still helping family pay off funeral costs. This will be a character transfer. Any questions PM me.

    Name: XXXXXX Race: Half-Elf Profession: Empath (shown as: Empath)
    Gender: Female Age: 140 Expr: 8356888 Level: 100
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Constitution (CON): 98 (24) ... 100 (25)
    Dexterity (DEX): 100 (30)
  5. Bullshit that happened

    Quote Originally Posted by LaVerdad View Post
    It will be an injustice of the largest caliber if he doesn't go to jail. He was willing to sign an affidavit against two innocent men police had in custody, until he found out he knew them. Said another way, if it wasn't the brothers, he'd willingly have provided fake evidence against two innocent men.

    They should hang him (in effigy of course, no racism here). IMO, he should get max jail time.
    Stop being such a fag and making up new logins, MacGuyver.
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