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  1. greater elemental document

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    I'm having second thoughts on using the greater elemental document I purchased yesterday for long story short.

    Currently in the scrip shop the document is for sell at a little over 70k BS

    My asking: 65K BS

    Otherwise I'll use it if it doesn't sell by tonight.
  2. What happens at Simucon isnt staying at Simucon

  3. Would you suck a cock for a million dollars?

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    I just want to point out that this is the person time4fun takes seriously in political debates.
    But but but she also takes you seriously!
  4. Lootcrate

    Decided to try out lootcrate, also a TMNT t-shirt.

  5. For future patriotic reference.

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    As an American who voted for Clinton I am not terribly worried about a Trump presidency.

    Here is why:

    I'm white.

    I survived the Bush years. Almost everything Bush did in his 8 years I was totally against. Almost everything. Mainly it was the wars. I liked his immigration and immigrant policies. There was the dismantling of the budget surplus, housing bubble, and the market crash because of the policies from that era and it hurt me yet I'm still economically
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