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  1. The Wedding of Dirvy and Zailon - Part 3

    Brokkrsten recites deeply:

    "'Tis been a long wedding tradition o' both Sylvans an Faendryl, that the bridal couple would plant a pair o' trees which were encouraged to grow around each other, becoming stronger as a pair."

    Brokkrsten recites deeply:

    "As the trees became one, it symbolized the couple's loyalty, unity, an strength."

    Brokkrsten recites deeply:

    "Today, as Dirvy an Zailon begin their life together, ...
  2. The Wedding of Dirvy and Zailon - Part 2

    Brokkrsten deeply says, "This evenin' we are gathered here ta witness the joinin' of Dirvy an Zailon."

    Brokkrsten deeply says, "We do so under the gaze o' Imaera, whose stars above stand in silent testimony o' these proceedin's."

    Brokkrsten gazes up into the heavens.

    Brokkrsten recites deeply:

    "Imaera, behold our family here assembled.
    We thank ya fer this place in which we dwell,
    And fer the love that unites ...
  3. The Wedding of Dirvy and Zailon - Part 1

    This is just the ceremony. I will post the entire wedding with guest reactions later.

    Maven Brokkrsten just arrived.

    (Brokkrsten moves along the side of the seated guests toward the altar, and places his prayerbook on its smooth surface. He opens it to a bookmarked page, and briefly peruses its passages, before turning to face Luxelle.)
    Brokkrsten turns to face Luxelle.
    Brokkrsten nods at Luxelle.
    (Luxelle moves to the front.)
    Sweet tones ring ...
  4. greater elemental document

    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaMoo View Post
    I'm having second thoughts on using the greater elemental document I purchased yesterday for long story short.

    Currently in the scrip shop the document is for sell at a little over 70k BS

    My asking: 65K BS

    Otherwise I'll use it if it doesn't sell by tonight.
  5. What happens at Simucon isnt staying at Simucon

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