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  1. Soooooo many changes.

    Well, the JP site updated with more info. I'll try to be quick about this.

    Major changes:

    - Rank System being removed. Players are now placed in a PvP ranking system that will put them against players more to their skill level.

    - GP Gashacon 'reset'. Volume 1 through 27 will be eliminated, the unit blueprints will be placed in the shop. GP vol. 1 will now be replaced with the current DX SP. (REALLY expensive so you gotta WANT those units in the shop.) ...
  2. Even MOAR news on upcoming update.

    Sick of these yet? Too bad!

    Just minor news this time around.

    Possibly the biggest news for many players, first.

    Gachakon will be reset to Volume 1. What does that mean? Imagine if, for example, Gemstone opened up a specialty shop. It allowed you access to some serious high level stuff, along with some not so great stuff. It's not Simucoins though, it takes silvers. On average, you'll spend 5 Million to get one good piece of gear.

  3. Further Speculation and possible legit leak

    Browsing a few Japanese boards, I've come across some interesting (if true) leaks. The person appeared to have connections in the office and dev team. I still take this with a grain of salt but, if true, makes for some interesting bits.

    I'll highlight a few (possible) key points and then move on to (possible) mechanic and balance changes.

    -All general Mobile Suits will be featured and playable, with the stronger ones later down the line. This includes the Unicorn ...
  4. Kina Grannis World Cloud

    78,833 words from her YouTube videos
  5. Two Gifs of Kina Grannis

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