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  1. I'm making fries

    Krinkle cut ones. Fuck the french.
  2. It Begins with the Voice

    The voice is gentle.
    The voice embraces.
    And it passes throughout us, curled up in every little corner and sitting in every tiny closet.

    The words are intimate, in heart and body and mind, bringing every little tiny moment.
    “Feel your breathe beside me in my bed
    “All the sheets are tangled in my legs…”
    “You kissed all my tears
    “But my cheeks never dried.”
    “You know it’s harder when you hold me
    “You get me searching for the ceiling.” ...
  3. 06th MS Gundam, bringing a ball & chain to a gun fight

    It's surprisingly effective. A bit of history on this unit, not extensive but worth mentioning. The unit made a few minor cameos (talking mere seconds) in the 08th MS team series. They showed the team leaving and well...

    Yeah... not the most flattering. Still, the 06th MS team laid a ton of ground work and was essentially entirely intact (which is amazing) until the 'final boss' showed up and nuked several platoons in ...
  4. ACE Mode, AKA - Fuck you and the guy standing next to you.

    I touched briefly on Ace's in the past. Essentially, these are absurdly difficult AI opponents designed to hold strategic positions. They only went where they were told by a Commander and had very poor AI.

    ACE mode changes that. A player can now take control of an Ace for 90 seconds. Ace units have their own set of weapons and come with a monstrous 30,000 HP, with a shield of 10,000 durability. ...
  5. EX Gachakon ADVANCE event thoughts

    This time there's only 2 unique units up for grabs, both being fairly low cost and sortie time.

    A little odd that the Zaku I (mono-eye with the decal) is slightly higher. I'll get into that in a moment. The strange thing is, these units have purple backgrounds to their blueprints. What's so odd about that? At the time of refilling the Gachakon, you have the odd chance of getting a blueprint with additional ...
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