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  1. Loạt nghi vấn gy l của Olympia nhưng đp n dễ bất ngờ: 1/1/2019 l thứ ba, hỏi ng

    rộng ri thắc mắc trong chương trnh con đường ln đỉnh Olympia tuy dễ nhưng c p lực thi cử cộng nh đn sn khấu đ lm phổ biến nh leo ni phải "b tay".

    sở hữu cc c cậu học sinh, c lẽ ci tn cc con phố ln đỉnh Olympia ko cn qu xa lạ nữa lc cứ đều đặn 13h Chủ nhật hng tuần, ta lại quy tụ ngồi trước mn hnh TV để đn xem cc cuộc thi tranh ti tri thức nảy lửa, đon xem ai l chủ nhn của ci vng nguyệt quế danh gi.
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  2. TWC Dream

    Dhairn, you literally said this weapon was busted.
  3. GMs are going to literally rewrite game lore and mechanics to remove racism

    Quote Originally Posted by drumpel View Post
    OMG! You guys are all offending me! I need a safe place!

    I'm offended that you've offended me. In fact, I'm so offended I need to have a fantasy game changed to prevent me from choosing to be offended about being offended by things that don't offend me because they're not real.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, offends me.
    "You find me offensive? I find you offensive
    For finding me offensive
    Hence if I should draw the line any fences ...
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  5. Lich and ruby download for windows 10

    Hi I need some help downloading lich and ruby for windows 10, I have tried everything but now im lost and it wont work. it keeps telling me to install sqlite3 but when I click on it to download it doesn't do anything. in the directions it says it will bring up a black window and it will download but it doesn't. if anyone can help me figure this out it would be amazing. thank you for all the help anyone can give.
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