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  1. A Nice Twohander

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodlark View Post
    I have an imflass twohanded sword for sale: it is normal imflass enchant (+12) with the following extra enhancements:
    It provides a bonus of 5 to Two-Handed Weapons Ranks.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 30 times.
    It provides a bonus of 15 to Max Health.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 48 times.
    It provides a bonus of 4 to Logic Bonus.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers
  2. Göttinnendämmerung

    Kina is strong, warm, tough, selfless - she is the mother goddess.
    Kina is stylish, playful, sensitive, creative - she is the fae goddess.
    Kina is powerful, smart, industrious, thoughtful - she is the worker goddess.
    Kina is kind, empathetic, patient, brave - she is the healer goddess.
    Kina is generous, genuine, gentle, generative - she is the first goddess.

    Goddess is dead. I looked and I beheld, and in being I looked to be held. From the fourth and fifth ...
  3. The Holy Ghost Descended on Me

    in the form of Christen Press in a dream and yadda yadda yadda, and I am making new Kina Grannis boards on my Pinterest! The first chronicles her various streams, the second will chronicle her cardiganry. Is it a coincidence that there are also two books of Chronicles in the Hebrew Scriptures? I think not.

    I choose to link two pins from the stream board. One because it preceded the most emotionally devastating and communally triumphant moment of my life in the context of musical Internet ...
  4. Round 1 of the Democrat debate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Latrinsorm View Post
    Also, we have blogs now! Mine is the best. (Astray's is okay too.)
    Dear blog,

    Latrinsorm's delusions of grandeur are getting worse.

    If this keeps up we might have to resort to more drastic measures.

    For now I keep an ever vigil eye on his antics.
  5. Gerbera Tetra, AKA Zeon likes stealing stuff and making it awesome

    Zeon really does enjoy taking Federation blueprints. And units. And weapons. And... pretty much everything they can get their hands on.

    I brought up the Gerbera Tetra a while ago. I called it OP, rightfully so IMO.

    Looking at those stats, it's a high-tier, high-cost, high-respawn time having machine. Now, 490 seconds is a lot of time in a 20 minute match to wait if this thing blows up. Well, used properly, ...
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