1. The Fiery Way of the Creator

    The warmth of Kina soothes, melting down the poison and broken glass, seeping into frozen marrow. Everything that is not poison our coldness considers unholy. It only likes to play with fire - the stake.

    The heat of Kina is passionate, angrying up the blood - Behold The Fire! Beware also of the attacks of your love! Trust not that he will refrain, keeping closed his mouth. Think not you will remain free from its harm.

    The furnace of Kina is a crushing blast, leaving ...
  2. This Far

    As a North man I live in a cold, hostile world. At the 2011 midwinter Livestream I first discovered warmth and like an animal I shied away, skittish and afraid. Later on I crept and burrowed and stole through the darkness for it and at last I was warm and I wept.

    “The tamed one will shed all its guilt and go back to the creature it was before it turned into a beast.”

    Later still she bared the board for us and I exulted that it would be no longer impermanent, although ...
  3. It Begins with the Voice

    The voice is gentle.
    The voice embraces.
    And it passes throughout us, curled up in every little corner and sitting in every tiny closet.

    The words are intimate, in heart and body and mind, bringing every little tiny moment.
    “Feel your breathe beside me in my bed
    “All the sheets are tangled in my legs…”
    “You kissed all my tears
    “But my cheeks never dried.”
    “You know it’s harder when you hold me
    “You get me searching for the ceiling.” ...
  4. Göttinnendämmerung

    Kina is strong, warm, tough, selfless - she is the mother goddess.
    Kina is stylish, playful, sensitive, creative - she is the fae goddess.
    Kina is powerful, smart, industrious, thoughtful - she is the worker goddess.
    Kina is kind, empathetic, patient, brave - she is the healer goddess.
    Kina is generous, genuine, gentle, generative - she is the first goddess.

    Goddess is dead. I looked and I beheld, and in being I looked to be held. From the fourth and fifth ...
  5. The Holy Ghost Descended on Me

    in the form of Christen Press in a dream and yadda yadda yadda, and I am making new Kina Grannis boards on my Pinterest! The first chronicles her various streams, the second will chronicle her cardiganry. Is it a coincidence that there are also two books of Chronicles in the Hebrew Scriptures? I think not.

    I choose to link two pins from the stream board. One because it preceded the most emotionally devastating and communally triumphant moment of my life in the context of musical Internet ...
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