1. ZZ Gundam update. Good but frustrating.

    Well, they have rolled out another big update as of late and this one is pretty damn good... if you're oriented towards packing firepower over melee.

    The clear promise was to make the Heavy unit the backbone of their respective side. With this came some revisions to beam weapons, knockdown and various solid munitions (mostly machine guns).

    Knockdown is probably the biggest so I'll go ahead and start with that. The old system, a knockdown was only achievable via melee ...
  2. Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt edition), like lightning.

    As the name might suggest, this unit is a Gundam! That means it's awesome. While I haven't reviewed many actual Gundam units, this one is easily my favorite.


    Let's take a look.

    This unit is essentially an Assault with a Heavy loadout. Lots of HP, boost, recharge, load capacity and incredibly quick emergency homing. The trade off is that speed is terrible. You're also looking at "Defense ...
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  3. The O, big body, tiny head.

    I'm going to preface this by saying the unit looks absurd. It's got a cone for a head and looks like a sumo-wrestler. The upside of looking like a jackass is, well... the stats speak for themselves.

    As an assault unit, it's got great armor, speed, and boost. It suffers in the boost charge area but the bonus you get from the load capacity is pretty great. All it really needs is the swords and the blocking ability it has. ...
  4. GM Quel, the bane of my existence.

    See that mother fucker? I hate him.


    360 capable attack radius with an absurd 100 meter range. Oh and his MELEE is beam attribute. Which means it has a penetrating, explosive attribute. WHICH MEANS IT WILL ALWAYS KNOCK YOU DOWN. Or if you're The-O, ...

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  5. Z Project II

    Aaaah fuck. I'm not exactly a fan of Zeta Gundam. The whole transform into a plane and fly around just isn't my cup of mecha based mayhem.

    Still, it's an interesting turn of events because not many 52 vs 52 games let you change into a plane and fly around the battle field.

    Not much about the upcoming developments is coming to light but they did release this teaser.

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