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01-13-2013, 12:47 AM
I was thinking of a dual weapon style monk. I've always wanted a polearm/brawling character because it seems so classic to me.
It seems like without armor use, and shield use, plus dodge ranks being so cheap, a second weapon style is within reason.
OHE sounds great because its so cheap, but it doesn't offer much, and katars aren't that cool.
THW and polearms sound great. Although plate armor isn't really a factor for a tiered up brawler, it opens up mstrike as a crowd control option.
Carry a katana, flamberge, or something for mstriking things in light armor, and then a claidhmore for mstriking in heavy armor.
Or ... a spear/naginata, and an awl-pike (not a lance ... that's just blasphemous) for a polearm user.

Here's what I figure for training -
1.5x CM - 2x when available
2x brawl
2x pole or THW
3x dodge
1x PF

that's 47/24 with 2x CM and polearm, or 44/24 with THW
That doesn't leave much for anything else physical, but a little swim, and climb doesn't cost much. Am I missing something?
At 1.5x CM, I can figure in .25-.5x MOC. It's really cheap enough. With THW it's even more affordable.

at 24 MTPs, I'll just throw whatever into 1x perception, and then spells when available. I figure I can probably get around .5x spells, and as far as lores ... well ... maybe .5x transformation?

It seems like monk physical costs are way cheap.

Is 47/26 + .5x 38(spell)/12(lore) out of reason?

Am I retarded?

01-13-2013, 01:18 AM
I'd suggest getting 1220 as quickly as possible, then try this when tp's open up in your mid to late 20's. I think a polearm/hurling monk using javelins would be fun, but annoying without a returner/bandolier. You could also do brawl/MOC and mstrike with the heaviest brawling weapons ... that's technically two styles with one weapon style training since you'd also be able to use UCS. Even though UCS is disappointingly slow for a monk they at least have great synergy with all of the other weapon styles.

01-14-2013, 02:11 PM
I'm having pretty good success with this build in my 40s after being disappointed with the speed of UAC after conversion, but it's a TWC katar build and you said you aren't thrilled by katars.

1.5x TWC
2x CM
2x Brawl
2x OHE
2x PF
2x Dodge
55 MOC

16 Minor Mental (need to get to 1220 asap, but I really wanted the 55 MOC ranks)

It is definitely a meat grinder build and the 6 hit mstrike with katars is way faster than UAC was, but I still have the UAC option if I want it with the brawl ranks.

My DS isn't great, though, been relying on a friend's wizard to stay safe

01-17-2013, 02:47 AM
Hmm ... How do you feel about being .5x spells? I was mostly concerned with the build because I really didn't have many TPs for spells, but you seem to do fine as you are. My build is much more expensive, as polearms are 6/2, and 3x dodge is another 3/3. CMs seem to be a bit more useful than some of the monk spells, but I really haven't even scratched the surface. If being .5x works for you, then it gives me hope.

I gave the build a go, but it wasn't too interesting at 3 trains. It's neat to get a stun with a punch, and then finish it off with a polearm. It's also surprisingly fun to fight swarms, but it doesn't really give anything too great considering the TP cost. I feel like an archer build might be more interesting. Maybe I'm giving up on the idea too quickly. I can concentrate on MOC a little bit more, and get punch mastery maxed out. I can punch a few necks to nerf spell casters, and then mstrike up a storm.

How do you like katars vs other OHEs? I feel like I would be too inclined to use a handaxe, and I wouldn't even want to use the off-hand, or I'd just use short swords, and save on some TPs. That's largely why I don't like katars. Well, I'll keep going and see how I feel when I get to real levels.

Thanks for the input.

02-11-2013, 02:39 PM
I'm trying to save money to buy a bando so I can make a brawler/hurler. We shall see if it ever happens. Hell, I might be able to make it work just with scripts but it's probably not near as easy/fun to do. I tried to do fletched darts and hurling them during my 30 days but the DF on those things is so shitty you can barely kill cloth wearers with them.