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HSN WEEK 6: NEW CLERIC SPELL - FERVENT REPROACH (312) on 7/20/2004 7:50:47 PM 748

The previously slated "Divine Fury" spell slated for the 317 spell slot has been renamed and moved to the 12th level spell slot and named Fervent Reproach. 317 will remain Zealot for the time being.

Fervent Reproach

Duration: Immediate

Type: Attack

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul and ultimately the channel to a being's deity. The cleric calls upon the power invested in him by his faith, focusing his fierce disapproval and rebuke of the target into a physical manifestation that covers the target in its entirety, severely punishing the foe. With greater knowledge of Spiritual Lore, Religion, the physical rebuke will have greater effect.

The cleric can also perform a prayer, focusing their entire will upon their spiritual intensity, which builds up within the cleric's being. This concentrated focus, once channeled towards the target, strengthens the energy being released. In order to charge the spell, clerics must PRAY FERVENT REPROACH and choose a time between 3-6 seconds. While the cleric is charging this power, after selecting the duration via PRAY, he/she cannot move or change stance. The longer the prayer, the more charged and intense the damage will be.

The cleric may also receive a backlash of residual energy that will instill into them an enhanced wisdom (Wisdom Stat bonus) as well as amplified health and mana (maximum Health and maximum Mana bonus). Training in the Spiritual Lore, Blessing skill increases the duration of these bonuses. Focusing the power of the spell through prayer increases the chance of this backlash happening, and once the bonus is applied to the cleric, it will not occur again until the effects have faded.

Using the CHANNEL command while open-handed is much more lethal than using the CAST command.

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