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01-04-2012, 07:51 PM
ok I'm starting to believe this thing is crap and useless but I'm hoping to get some tips to make it worth using just for the RP of it.

small cast iron stove, faenor oak leaf infuser, small cast iron kettle

part of my tea set... that fact that the stove requires tinder from the mine outside of the landing pisses me off, but its not to far a walk from mule so I can get over that. I've tried foraged sticks and twigs and grass and sticks from fireplaces around town, nothing works, thought he firewood from the tent works in place of the split log.

my main problem now is water, the ice water in mule from the bar doesn;t work, I was told having a wizard cast 903 at it would work but they get an error that its full or would work betterif it was empty or somethign along those lines, but its empty from anythign I can tell. I'm thinking its bugged cause it will boil if put on the stove. any ideas? anyone know what water could be used inplace of waiting for a wizard to showup to make some tea or dumping points into umd just to make tea?

any other tips in general about the set that I not got to yet?

01-04-2012, 08:25 PM
If you have FWI access you can get water from Misy's Teas on Waterbug Way in the Western Harbor. It isn't on the menu, but free from a pitcher in the dining area one room off from where you order teas and the like.

01-04-2012, 10:41 PM
Let me try a runthrough of the system to help you get situated with things. May also help as a reference for others to get familiar with the system.


At the bare minimum, you'll need the following:

- a stove
- a kettle
- tea leaves
- tinder
- a split log
- a water source
- an ignition source
- cups to pour brewed tea into

The following can also be used, but are not necessary:

- an infuser
- tea flavorings

Kettles and stoves may be purchased from merchant events, but a stove for use - but not purchase - can be found on the patio of Misty's Teas in Western Harbor if you're premium. (Lich room 18249 for the entrance to Misty's Teas if you use it.)

Tea leaves are often obtained from merchant events, but some varieties are also available in Misty's Teas. Packets containing a single use of tea leaves are sold in the main catalog, while tins containing a few more uses are in the backroom. Jars are also seen that hold even more uses, but are only sold at merchant events.

Tinder and the log can be obtained from the kobold mines outside the Landing, or on the patio of Misty's Teas. Logs sold from Uxbri's tents as firewood for premium homes may also work.

Wizards can cast 903 at a kettle to fill it up, or any new style of water can be poured in. As mentioned, the water at Misty's Teas is available, though pouring in water from any source aside from casting 903 will require multiple pours to fill the kettle all the way. New style water is easily distinguished in that it can be smelled to get a sense of its freshness, it has taste messaging specific to the drink, and each sip will tell you how many sips are left. Old style water will only tell you when you have one sip left.

Matches are the typical means of lighting the stove and can be bought in several places around the world, but fire spells also work. Though Misty's Teas supply sticks, I haven't found a way to get rubbing two sticks together to light the stove.

Any vessel that can hold new style liquids can be used to pour tea into.

Infusers and tea flavorings are typically purchased from merchant events, but they are also found in Misty's Teas. A limited selection of flavorings are found in the main catalog, while infusers are in the backroom.

Steps to Brew Tea

First, put the stove on the ground and open it. A quick CLEAN STOVE is also good to make sure it's not choked with ashes. Put the log and tinder in the stove.

Get the kettle and look in it - not at it - to make sure that it's empty. If it's not, turn it twice to remove all liquid from it. Once empty, either cast 903 at it from a more defensive stance to fill it, or pour your new style water in it. Put the kettle on the stove.

Get your container of tea leaves and get one portion of leaves from it. Put the container away.

Optional: Get your infuser, open it, and put your tea leaves inside the infuser.

Put the tea leaves, or your infuser containing tea leaves, inside the kettle. You may have to take the kettle from the stove to do this. I'm going off of memory.

Your tea is ready to brew. If you're using a match, light the match and light the stove. If casting a spell, cast at the stove. Either way, you'll automatically close the grate on the stove once the fire is lit.

At this point, you'll need to wait. You'll get a lot of messaging of the fire burning, or water boiling, or tea brewing. Once the tea starts to brew, periodically check the kettle by looking inside it to see the color of the water inside. Most tea varieties turn a rich golden color when it's at the right strength. Some of the more exotic varieties turn a different color. At least one of the erithian teas from CCF, for example, turned a purplish red color.

When the tea has reached the desired color, remove the infuser from the kettle if you're using one and remove the kettle from the stove. Removing the infuser will stop the tea from steeping, but if you're not using one, the tea will continue to steep because it's still in the kettle. Bear in mind that the fire will go out in the stove while the tea is still brewing, so be careful not to pull it too soon.

Pour the tea in the vessels so that it's ready for drinking. The kettle may be returned to the stove if needed. At this point, flavorings may be added to the drinking vessels holding the tea, if desired. Slices of lemon, sugar cubes and other flavorings that are not in bottles or jars can be put directly in the cup. Bottles and jars can either be poured or put in the cup. Again, going off of memory so I don't recall for sure.

As you get near to the last sip of tea, you'll get a message of there being some leaves being in the cup. You can look in the cup to see designs in the tea leaves. You can look approximately two or three times and get different designs each time.

Once you're finished with the tea, CLEAN STOVE to clean the ashes out, grab the kettle and turn it twice to empty it out, and pack everything up.

Hope that helps!


01-05-2012, 12:14 AM
thanks much, had a GM respond to my assist and after fooling around with the kettle we got the 903 working, after that it was smooth sailing. the GM showed me the tea shop on fwi, apparently had to rework some stuff there to get it working right. still has a few thins she needs to fix there(the sticks like you say). just got lucky that the GM who responded was the one taking over the tea and the kettles and the like.

maybe it is just my kettle is an older one but it does not like the ice water from the tavern in mule, it is new style water I believe.

You remove a glass of ice water from on a dark polished wooden bar.
>smell my wat
You sniff your ice water.
It smells like nice, fresh ice water!
>drink my wat
You take a drink from your ice water.
You have 3 quaffs left.

also according to the GM my kettle had a problem with the water at the tea shop and after looking into it. the kettle had a problem with the cold water code or somethign along those lines. we ended up getting the water working though. water found there is also 10 sips and my kettle holds 35, that bothered her abit.

also its going to be a while before any updates to the kettle coding and getting everythign she wants done, but she did mention maybe makign the kettles brew coffee also.

01-05-2012, 01:28 AM
Sounds like there's something wonky with your kettle, then. I grabbed one of mine to try things out with while writing up the post and I was able to pour water in from Misty's Teas without an issue. Glad it's working, though!