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06-07-2004, 12:35 PM
I'm sure that this board never tires of people posting their training plans and asking for critique, so here we are. I played GS3 back in the AOL - Web Portal transistion days and got a Ranger into the low 20s, quit for a few years, came back and got a rogue into the high teens, then quit again. Now I'm back again, and I'm not sure if this plan is 'viable'. Good thing is I don't have to completely reroll!

Here's what I've got.

1x Armor
1x Shield
2x Ohe
1x CM
2x Ambush
3x Picking
3x Traps
2x Dodge
2x Hide
1x First Aid
1x Swim
1x Climb
1x PT

My goal is to be able to pick anything I get and to spend some time picking for others for cash and maybe some exp, but yet also able to hunt at least at my level, maybe above. I was big on underhunting back in the day, I found it less stressful and I kinda hate dieing.

Now, I've got some points left over, and I don't have my stats with me at the moment. I've read that Arcane Symbols helps with some traps, should I 1x it if I can? What about mana sharing? I talked to a mentor who explained the differences, but now I've realized that I'm going to have to train for mana increase, and I'm not sure if I even want to do that. I'm not planning on researching any spells.

So, is this a stupid idea in the grand scheme of GS4? I know that older players who couldn't share were looked down on, but are melee still expected to train up mana and mana sharing? Opinions and advice welcome.

06-07-2004, 01:02 PM
Someone once told me that 7 ranks in Arcane Symbols would help a lot in disarming scarabs, but that it isn't necessary.

You might want to pick up a rank or so in Harness Power, depending on if you're in the Council or not.

06-07-2004, 01:30 PM
It seems that you are trying to be a great locksmith by going 3x in picking and disarming. You are better off getting at least 1x perception and 4 spells (locklore and traplore).

If you want to be the best possible locksmith, I would drop the first aid, 1/2 the swimming and 1/2 the climbing, and whatever CM I needed to drop in order to accomplish the 4 spells and perception ranks.

06-07-2004, 01:44 PM
I honestly don't know what you need to be a viable hunter at that level anymore. Bare bones, at your level you'll want to be in brigandine (so shoot for 27 ranks of armor to knock out RT), 1x shield, 2x OHE, 2x dodge, 2x ambush, 2x hide. You don't need that much climb and swim, you can get by with 15 and 5 respectively for a long time. You also don't need first aid unless you plan to skin, and even then it's really not all that great unless you 1x survival too. I would suggest getting 8 ranks of FA (that will knock your acantha leaf RT down to 3, which is useful in the field).

You should shoot for having a total of 20 mana or so, you won't need anymore than that. Don't bother training in any kind of Mana Control. Train in Harness Power to increase your mana. You can start with up to 10 (I think, based on your starting AU and WIS) but it's much more likely you'll have 4-6 to start.

06-07-2004, 02:03 PM
I'm already 1xing Perception, forgot to add that.

I wasn't sure what survival was, thanks for the heads up.

I'll definately think about picking up the spells, have to play with the spreadsheet a bit. I didn't even think about council stuff, but I'll probably Voln it instead (in the long run, you can still quit the council, right?).

Also, this might not be the right forum for this, but I've been using Tsoran's spreadsheet trainer thing, and either there's something that's changed about TPs or it's got serious errors. For some reason around level 5-6, under the same training plan, I don't have enough PTPs and MTPs. Does something change at that timeframe that I'm not aware of? MTPs and PTPs per level should be going up with stat growth, not down.

06-07-2004, 02:16 PM
I *think* sort of because of the way inter level training works. It makes it so that at level 0, to double in something costs only the TP's of 1x'ing in it. In other words, say at level 0 you want to 2x in OHE.

2x'ing in it would normally cost you 6/3. HOWEVER, because of inter-level you can have up to 4 ranks of OHE at level 0, so it only costs you 4/2 to get 2 ranks of OHE. This only holds at level 0, and that might be what's causing your TP discrepancy.