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06-05-2004, 04:50 PM
deity-specific foes and allies. A cleric's bonuses will now be more tailored to the Arkati he follows. For example, Voln clerics will have bonuses against undead, while Eonak clerics will have a mediocre bonus against undead, but a larger bonus against dwarven enemies such as orcs. The bonus increases or decreases depending on how broadly based the bonus applies. A cleric will have a greater bonus if it applies only to trolls, as opposed to all living creatures.
- deity-specific messaging for Well of Life, as written by GM Jharra.
- all resurrection spells combined into 318 (and yes, Nakiro, clerics younger than 18 can't raise anymore).
- new attack spells at 312 and 317. Warden says he doubts they will be bolt spells.