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09-12-2010, 11:02 AM
post your beta experiences here. someone must like me at simu because I got an email a while ago about beta. we have been requested to keep releasing logs at a minimum in case changes are made.

some of the abilities available which are pretty good for gnomes:

observe: gives a DS pushdown, bonus to all cmans, monk cmans. from what I can tell, when I max out perception it's very effective, at 1x perception its still usable, but anything less than that it can give a failure message. must do observe first before imitate or it fails and incurs RT. if your armor class matches that of the critter, you get a bonus, and if you have the same exact AsG the bonus is significant.
imitate: can be done out of hiding but i think it is more heavily dependent on the trading skill. the equation from hiding includes perc, hiding, and trading.
when successfully imitating, critters don't attack you and even spell you up. it's gonna be amazing at higher levels to get spells that are usually hard to get self cast, or spells that don't seem to be available to regular players (think of minotaurs white/blue fire)
grapple: depends on the body part, but essentially you can wrestle with critters. I like grapple neck because it sets them up for the neck snap. hunting with a rogue, i've noticed grappling dramatically increases ambush pushdown, and also if you have spiked armor it will cycle with damage continually almost like an open maelstrom. this ability has not been fully developed yet.
snap: this ability has a death crit for the neck which i posted, the setup does take some RT. why I like the ability? keeping critters on the ground. if you SNAP their leg, they will stay down, and if you SNAP their arm, their AS/CS goes way down, with a high enough roll, they drop their weapon or shield.

rolled up a burghal to see how he'd do with the mime bonuses for imitate and observe. it's weird though, i get a negative message about my height and no bonus messaging is apparent. it works well though, i'm rolling up a giant next to pretty much do the opposite and see how it effects the UAC maneuvers.

Roundtime: 3 sec.
You attempt to blend with the surroundings and feel confident that no one has noticed your doing so.
>observ fig
You squint your eyes, gazing intently at a hooded figure. After a moment, a hooded figure's movements and mannerisms become imprinted in your mind.
>cman smas
You focus your mind on the shadows and gird your body for stealth.
A hooded figure gestures mystically!
The hooded figure's armor prevents the spell from working.
>imita fig
You step out of the shadows and attempt your best imitation of a hooded figure!
Your crimson-edged robes enhance the quality of the mime.
Your height and posture detracts from the quality of the mime.
A hooded figure continues to scan the area for threats after glancing warily in your direction.
A light blue glow leaves you.
>grapple fig neck
[Roll result: 145 (open d100: 86) Penalties: 25]
You deliver a solid kick to the back of a hooded figure's knee, and catch him in a tight headlock as he crashes to the ground! The hooded figure thrashes about wildly, but is completely immobilized!
Roundtime 4 seconds.
>snap fig neck
[Roll result: 175 (open d100: 98) Bonus: 13]
Your short arms provide a strong advantage for your attempt.
Tightening your grip with your left arm, you grasp a hooded figure's chin with your right arm and pull sharply backwards. A hooded figure emits an excruciating wail as his spinal column contorts and then snaps under the pressure!
You feel strengthened by the hooded figure's remaining lifeforce!
Roundtime 4 seconds.

edit: removed fig's spells

what I like about it:
it has its own death messaging rather than the traditional ones from bolts/swords
monks can absorb stamina points when performing certain kills under the UAC system (just like cmans, if you use the same one too many times in a hunt they increase in cost so you do have to pace it out. but for example I can grapple a critter and when someone legs it, its DS pushdown is enormous. note: legging a critter won't drop them until you release the grapple (think illoke) but the DS pushdown becomes significantly lower. if you take both legs off you will actually fall over from the grapple and you lose the critter.
NOTE: there ARE faster methods of killing, but you don't absorb stamina points when you do them or in some scenarios you lose stamina. lucky monks can 3x PT and it's CHEAP, (not like warriors, but still)

grapple is hard to do outright - you either need to imitate or have the critter stunned by someone. neck snap can be done from hiding but its harder to initiate

this is just a taste guys. can't wait to show you the elbows and knees with the spikes/flaring greaves ^^

09-12-2010, 12:16 PM
You must be so very bored.

09-12-2010, 12:17 PM
i am i'm at work haha wish i could go home and play. gonna roll up a giant monk in shattered and start the scripting so i can be experimenting again in about a week.

edit: ask GM Flannihan about my Terasian swamp log. now THAT was induced by some boredom!

i bet you'll like it: http://forum.gsplayers.com/showthread.php?t=55295