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Drunken Durfin
07-22-2009, 01:55 PM
# Silly little script... since 'move' includes checks for everything I could think of, including tables being full, a single 'move go table' command will continue to attempt to move in that direction until you kill the script or successfully move.

# All it does is display the date. From before I included the ';stats' command ;)

# All this does is wait for the 'YOU HAVE BEEN IDLE TOO LONG' message (waitfor is case insensitive), send a 'look' to the game, and echo a timestamp.

# * Syrend Dypity's Town-2-Town Script v3.1 (EDIT file to see IMPORTANT info)
# (to/from Landing<->Illistim replaced by Shaelun)
# v3.1 script created by Syrend Dypity
# Borrowed data from Syrend Dypity, Gorde Mktired and Jael Baerd scripts
# Editors Note: To run these scripts, be sure to download the timeout script wizard patch @ http://www.kinist.com/
# All Updates can be found at http://www3.sympatico.ca/colauzon/gemstone3/maps.wiz

# I (Shaelun) can't vouch for this script, but it certainly appears to work (Lich echoes the help info, anyway) and a number of people swear by it, so here it is: a travel script.

# This script takes logs (or any other text file, should you have a use for that) and feeds them to scripts, so that old/logged game sessions can be used as though they were happening live again.

# Simplifies adding & deleting highlight strings, original concept by (unknown, Xygon's site I think), modified by Shaelun
# Adds/removes names/strings to your Wizard highlight list. Run it without any arguments to see a pretty list of available highlight colors and usage info, etc.. Note that Lich cannot change Wizard's highlight strings, so don't bother trying to run this with Lich, heh... just use Wizard (this means you'll have to copy it to your Wizard script directory, unless you happen to have your script directory set to the same one Lich uses).

#SpellAll.cmd (A Wizard-designed, incompatible-with-StormFront, no-user-attention-required, universally compatible (meaning works for any person with any name) spell-up script). I wrote this at least a year ago before I had even thought seriously about writing Lich (which can do in about 50 lines what this script takes over 8000 to do); it's only included because, well... it's neat that it works in Wizard.
# Usual disclaimer, author does not condone violation of Simutronics policy, author had no intention of
# this script file being used as a means to violate said policy, author tells you not to violate
# said policy, author cannot and will not be held responsible for what you do with this file,
# blah blah blah, you get the idea. I've had a number of people tell me they don't think using this
# violates policy. Well, the author assures you that in his best opinion, this script most certainly

#Stocks Script
# This is a JSE (I'm pretty sure; he didn't actually specify...) script that automates being in the stocks after having been arrested -- note that this is a 100% untested, unverified, unknown, un-everything script (I can't even get JSE to run in Linux), but I believe Blueland wrote it, and since he generally knows what he's doing, I assume it'll work w/o a hitch.
#Suddenly, you hear the rattle of keys and the cell door swings open. A number of burly guards come in, set you in some #manacles, and drag you away, locking the cell door tightly behind them.
#You are taken to the entry area of the prison and set free. The head guard that escorted you says, "Well, you've served #your sentence. Keep out of trouble, otherwise you might end up right back here." With that, he turns on his heel and #leaves.

# Simple script to automate deleting someone from your LichNet ignored list.

# Simple script that checks your skills and currently active spells, and tells you if you'll get spell bursted. Note: the formula used is ([harness power ranks] + [all mana share ranks] + [arcane symbols ranks] + [magic item use ranks]) / 3 = [cumulative level of out-of-circle spells you can safely wear]. If this is inaccurate, please let me know.

# This a really simple one-line script that waits until it sees you successfully skin something, then picks up the skin and puts it away (loops endlessly until you stop the script).

# Super-simple script that just puts up 'sign of thought' anytime it wears off.

# REQUIRED: WIZARD, NOT compatible with StormFront (note added by Shaelun: I have no empath to use it with, but it looks like it'll work okay and it's safe to run)
# For empaths, this heals all scars.

# Simple script to automate editing your LichNet ignored-list. Just run the script for the usage information.

# This script allows you to edit your 'settings.txt' file without bothering to open it in notepad or something.
# Syntax is: ;settings (action) (setting_name) (whatever you're adding/deleting)"
# Valid actions are: add, remove, change, view
# To view all your settings, view 'all'
# Example1 (this would change your 'lootsack' setting to 'backpack'):
# ;settings change lootsack backpack

# This is a script for Empaths that will heal all of their wounds and/or scars (heals only the Empath, not a target). Takes into account mana cost based on wound/scar rank, current mana, cast roundtime, any RT, etc., etc..

# Simple script to reformat a script file to whatever the current platform's default is so that it can be viewed with any text editor (since most of the scripts I write are in Linux formatting, nobody can read the damn things without using an advanced text editor that recognizes Linux files)

# Super-simple script that heals target(s) entered with heal.lic, then starts empheal.lic when heal.lic is finished.

# Yet another tiny script ;) This one will echo all game lines it sees. You can use this to quickly and easily see almost byte-for-byte what is getting sent to your scripts (in-game, with it running, type ';send echo_raw' and it will show you the raw data (including chars that don't display), or ';send echo_status' and it will tell Lich to give it any status tags and echo those as well)

# Just a simple script to echo the total damage done every cast of 1030 (sonic disruption), and how many critters died from it. Also monitors for 1002 (vibration chant) and 415 (elemental strike) just for the Hell of it.

# Workaround to give you the webgoals link, useful for when using fake stormfront mode or Linux

# Just a simple script to refresh surge automatically.
# --Bisco

# smastery.lic
# Another small script. This one to refresh shadow mastery.
# --Bisco

# Simple little script for looking up a lock's (loresong) description and numeric difficulty. Without any arguments entered, displays all known lock descriptions and their corresponding numeric difficulties. Optionally, you can enter either the description or the numeric difficulty to search for the corresponding lock.

# REQUIRED: v3.07+
# If you run this script, any scripts that are started afterward will _always_ execute in SAFE mode (so that it isn't irritating, it won't pause to tell you they are -- try starting it and running 'calcflares' or 'calcredux' if you need to convince yourself it's working.) This script cannot undo what it does, so if you want to undo this, you'll have to login again. The idea is to put any advanced scripts that require file access privileges or other things that can't function in SAFE mode on your favorites list, then make the last script on your favs list this one so that you can get the advanced script features you want and still be guaranteed safe no matter what script you run. Frankly I don't see much use for this, but since so many people are careless with what they run on their computers, it seems like there should be a way to do this and it's the easiest way for me to tie Lich's hands behind its back.
# Doesn't matter what the All_Safe is (or gets changed to), it won't have any effect.

# All this does is run notepad.exe to edit a script; if the file doesn't exist, the script creates it and then launches notepad to edit it. If it does exist, just opens the file as-is. You can replace notepad.exe with your editor of choice on the next line (which I really recommend doing...)
#editor = "notepad.exe"

--- Lich: rep is already running (use ;force [ScriptName] if desired).
# This little script checks a box for traps with 416 (if you aren't holding one, it grabs the first one that's inside your Lich.lootsack), and unless it sees that the box is trapped, starts the 'pop.lic' script to pop it open ('fpop' stands for 'fullpop', if you're curious).
# This is the number of times to check a box for traps (my character is almost blind, so it defaults to 3 times)

# Updated bundle script that will bundle any item from any container.
# usage: ;bundle <item> <container>
# example: ;bundle "acantha leaf" "herb pouch"

# Very simple script that I just use to pop boxes... doesn't check for traps.

# A little script that makes sure I don't blow my head off with the song of power, which I absent-mindedly do more often than not... it also incorporates the song of noise just for the Hell of it. For you non-Bards who don't get how stopping 1018 & then starting it up again is of any use: spellsong renewal takes the total cost of your songs, but also a penalty (which adds up *real* quick) for singing too many at once, and the song of power costs 18 to start & 15 to renew; a single song's penalty for renewal can be anywhere from 1 to 50+, so not only is letting 1018 renew automatically dangerous (often kills at least the singer if you fail the hidden roll), it's also usually less mana to restart it than to renew it.
# Will also drop & restart the song of noise if it's running.
# Set this script's priority as lower than the default (which is 0), so that we don't force Lich to pay attention to us if another (probably more important) script is asking for attention.
# If we logged in less than 15 seconds ago, renew the song of peace if we're singing it (sometimes if a node isn't handy I just sit down wherever I am and sanct the room to unfry -- since any old sanct is the same as a node for exp absorption, and the song doesn't re-sanct until it's renewed if you log in while singing it).
# Spell times are tracked by Lich in minutes, so until our spellsongs will renew in .25 minutes (15 seconds), just keep going to sleep for 5 seconds and then clearing the script's queue (so that game data doesn't pile up and eat away at RAM needlessly).
# If we don't have at least 50 mana, point out our spellsongs are about to renew incase we've burned too much mana and are about to fry our nerves (if we're using StormFront, just print the message, but if we're using Wizard then highlight the warning by sending the 'NPC' tag to make sure we notice it).

#This is my first attempt at a ruby script, and was fumbled together by looking at different scripts in the lich repository. It simply checks your mana each time you cast a #spell and will whisper to the specified target how much is remaining if you fall below a certain amount. Usage is ;manacheck target
#Changing the level of mana you need to drop below before the script activates is pretty self explanatory. Just change the number in mana?(##).

# Lets you perform "batch movements," so to speak. For instance: ;move 10n 10e 3sw 2u "climb path" 5d, etc.

#Does the same as magic

# I'm starting to wonder if Simu really did disable the Wizard's mana pulse timer deliberately, or if they just accidentally broke it... the details of why it doesn't work are really bizarre. At any rate, this script will enable Wizard's mana pulse timer. Note that PsiNet enables it also, so if you use PsiNet, this script has no use.

# STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (earlier versions will run this but may crash after saving the file): Lich v3.21+ (versions prior to v3.21 have a very rare "multithread exit" bug that can crash Lich, which could be a problem with this script -- see the changelog for further details if you want).
# Just a script I tossed together for the fun of it; records everything you type until you send `stop' to all scripts. It's really not meant for advanced purposes, and even though I never really used the Wizard's "record a script," option, it is neat... so here's the Lich equivalent. Just start the script without any command line variables (or `help' being the only one) to see a schpiel about usage (i.e., type `;record' for usage info).

Monitors you inventory in sf. Tracks the id, noun and name of each item.
Inventory.list - List your inventory in the format: id - noun - name
Inventory.id - Lists the id of every item in your inventory
Inventory.noun - Lists the noun of every item in your inventory
Inventory.name - Lists the name of every item in your inventory

# Little script that refreshes a Wizard's call familiar spell every 15 minutes. Just start the script when you want it to start cycling, and it'll wait 15 minutes, refresh it, and continue to do that until you stop the script.

#This script takes gems out of your (gemsack) container (which is set in your settings for lich) appraises them at the gemshop, if they are under 1k it will sell it to the gemshop, if they are worth over 1k it puts the gem in your (puregemsack) also set in the settings.
#Just fixed the syntax error so it should work with out you having to edit it.

#This script combines, modifies, and shortens the code from heal.lic and empheal.lic. NOTE: It also corrects a mana check error for healing scars. empheal.lic was not checking for the correct amount of mana. -Jonty
#Syntaxt is: ";heal" to just heal yourself, ";heal [person1] [person2] ... etc." to heal patients
# This is the level of wound you want the script to stop at... 1 would be a minor wound (rank 1). If you'd like it to go all the way to fully healed, just change the line so that the number is 0 instead of 1.

#Locker Movement Script for Platnium. To use this script, stand in the portal Nexus, it will get your portal ticket, check for validity, then list locations to travel to. Script will wait for you in the locker, when done in the locker, ;send PortalTime and it will return you to the nexus then end the script. Let me know if there are any bugs or mispellings, of if you want added functionality. Aith/Russell AIM: Aithzar Sechonel

# Documentation on this is really-really sparse because explaining how to manually compensate when it asks you to would probably be larger than the script itself is... if it ends up freaking itself out, just kill it and assume that area is too unpredictable for the script to handle on its own (the data collected up to that point will still be good, however).
# This script just runs around for automap.lic to watch; I wrote this before I wrote automap (I couldn't make this one smart enough to handle everything itself, hence recording what people do with `automap.lic'). This script is only useful to automate running around a given area automatically so you don't have to walk around the entire place by-hand.
# NOTE: It doesn't handle stuff like "go door", "climb ladder" well *at all* on its own! That's disabled by default. If you want to turn it on (for whatever reason), find the line marked below and change it (don't blame me if it gets you stuck someplace, it's not recommended but you can do it if you wanna)
# STEP 1: start automap.lic (and make sure you're running Wizard, not SF)
# STEP 2: start this script (maparea.lic)
# STEP 3: type `look' so that the room descrip is sent again

respond "%10s %-12s (%s since first check)" % [ fame_since_first.to_s, fame_since_first_avg.to_s, ((Time.now - first.time) / 60).as_time ]
respond "%10s %-12s (%s since last check)" % [ fame_since_last.to_s, fame_since_last_avg.to_s, ((Time.now - last.time) / 60).as_time ]
respond "Exp. Gained Avg per Hour"
respond "%10s %-12s (since first check)" % [ xp_since_first.to_s, xp_since_first_avg.to_s ]
respond "%10s %-12s (since last check)" % [ xp_since_last.to_s, xp_since_last_avg.to_s ]

# This is actually the first script I've written that really makes use of just how much info Lich makes available to scripts about your character & current state... Anyway, since Lich tracks practically everything possible about your chars for use by scripts, this particular one calculates your projected character info at future levels without requiring you to do tedious stuff like telling it what profession and race you are. This script knows the growth index values and uses them to tell you when your stats will next increase, what your stats will be at a given level that you ask about, etc. -- run it with the "help" command line argument for more info about usage.
# Setup the "table" of Growth Index values

Drunken Durfin
07-22-2009, 01:56 PM
# A really short script that does nothing more than monitor for any d100 rolls. When it sees one, it calculates the average of every roll it's been witness to, and saves that average to disk for future use. Wrote it out of curiosity -- a novelty and little else, really. Use it for awhile until you get irritated, then forget it exists the way I did ;)

#Lich Script for Crafting Rank Ups by Aithzar Sechonel
#This script is fully automated, it will get you the material you specify and make bank runs for you.
#Usage: ;craftingrankup block 3 longcloak handle
#Usage for Help: ;craftingrankup help
#Please send bugs to aithzar@gmail.com under title Bug:craftingrankup

#Lich Script for Forging Rank Ups by Aithzar Sechonel
#This script is fully automated, it will make bank runs, order your supplies, and run until you tell it to stop.
#Usage: ;forgingrankup bar 2 pack blade-glyph dagger harness
#Usage for Help: ;forgingrankup help
#Please send bugs to aithzar@gmail.com under title Bug:forgingrankup

# A really short script that does nothing more than monitor for any casting d100 rolls. When it sees one, it calculates the average of every roll it's been witness to, and saves that average to disk for future use. Wrote it out of curiosity -- a novelty and little else, really. Use it for awhile until you get irritated, then forget it exists the way I did ;) Original code by Shaelun. Changes made for casting by Aithzar.

# This script monitors for any flares it witnesses, and when it sees these, tells you both the percentage chance and average damage of your base flares and air lore-based flares (distinguishes between base sonic flares, air lore sonic flares, and any other miscellaneous flares). It automatically saves a history to disk, so that the average grows more accurate over time; uses the same principals as calcredux.lic, but applies them to both sonic and other flares, really.

# Council of Light
# Latest version always available at: http://www.resnullius.com/cc/scripts/
# Display best shown with a fixed-width font.
# Usage is: [.council] for movement,
# [.council signs] for list of abilities,
# [.council <ability name, at least 3 letters>] for details on a particular ability,

# Simple little script that provides a quick and in-game way of either identifying where a specific script file is (and what its full filename is), or just listing all the scripts in your Lich script directory. Note that directories are searched in the following order: your Lich script directory, then your Wizard script directory (mimics the order in which Lich looks for a matching filename when starting a script).

# This script allows you to save notes on people and check them quickly and easily (or anything else, indexed by keyword). Notes are automatically timestamped.

#Lich Script for Fletching Rank Ups by Aithzar Sechonel
#This script is fully automated, it will get you the wood you need for shafts, slice it up, pare, and nock shafts.
#Usage: ;fletchrankup wastebasket dagger pack cloak handaxe lootsack
#Usage for Help: ;fletchrankup help
#Please send bugs to aithzar@gmail.com under title Bug:fletchrankup

# A really quick little script to implement a counting feature. You'll need to open the script and edit the lines you want it to be counting
# "example string one",
# "example string two",
# "put as many of these as you want in here, basically",
# "just remember to end the lines with a comma",
# "and don't comment your strings out (e.g., don't put that '#' at the front of the line)",

# Another useful little information-providing script -- this will display the experience requirements for all levels, including how much you need to reach said level. You can also provide specific level values to check for.

# Since these days everyone thinks redux is applied after everything else in the formula (e.g. applied to the end damage you take, as opposed to being applied to the damage prior to the wound that you suffer being calculated), this is a *really* fast and sloppy modification of calcredux to instead estimate your redux value according to the currently popular opinions about the game's method.
# Frankly, I was such a bad scripter/programmer back when I originally wrote this in late 2005 (wow it's been longer than it seems), the thing is so messy and poorly written that it would be a miracle to make it even messier -- so whatever, it can't be much harder to follow than the older version.
# NOTE: this is totally untested, I'm just bored and whipped it up, so don't expect genius-like artificial intelligence or something.
# "Whoosh! Several ribs driven into lungs." 20 and 25 both, another random element -- omitted to maximize accuracy
# "Whiplash!" => 5, # Appears inaccurate. I can't find a list of neck crits & their damage, so.......
# "Strike to wrist severs left hand!" => 15 & 18 both, omitted for accuracy\\
# Since the Simutronics "befriend" list limits you to 20 entries (God is that ridiculous...), you can run this script to automatically INVITE any person that's on your LichNet "befriend" list (type ";befriend help" for info) to your table if they ask.
# The line seen when somebody waves to your table:
# "You see XXX waving at your table, clearly hoping that you will invite him to sit with you. If you would like, you may INVITE XXX to allow him to join you."
# If you don't want to invite the person's entire group, comment out the 'true' line below and uncomment the 'false' line
#invite_group = false

# This is a simple "wrapper" script that will automatically start any and all scripts you tell it to when a certain game line is seen. For instance, the request that resulted in this little script being written was for "newheal.lic" to be modified so that you could run it in passive mode much like you can do with "spellup.lic" -- this script watches for a specified game line and snags a name from that game line, then starts a specified script with said name.
# The list of scripts to start; can be 1 or 100, whatever you want
# The game line to be looking for and to snag a name from; wherever the unknown name will be, just put a question mark (as seen below)

# This is a really simply modified (read: 2 lines added) version of "pure.lic" b/c the thing is written so horribly even I can't follow it anymore, and people like to go a cast or two further than I do. Enjoy
# Will purify the contents of your container with 1004 (purification song), while being conscious of mana and checking for orbs/rechargables; defaults to stopping at a 'safe' point, but enter 'full' as the first command line variable and it will go until the gem shatters or is fully purified

#This is my first attempt at a ruby script, and was fumbled together by looking at different scripts in the lich repository. It simply checks your mana each time you cast a #spell and will whisper to the specified target how much is remaining if you fall below a certain amount. Usage is ;manacheck target
#Changing the level of mana you need to drop below before the script activates is pretty self explanatory. Just change the number in mana?(##).

#QRS lookup!
#================================================= =========================
# End sub-menu section, continue to individual menus and entries
#================================================= =========================
# Acronyms for Minor Spiritual spells (100s)
# Acronyms for Major Spiritual spells (200s)

# A little script that searches through your Wizard logs for anything that matches a phrase

#countaha.lic, for use with "forgeme" and "autoforge" scripts.
#all written by Gibreficul...
#It doesn't really count anything significant, just a timer for the Ahas.
#comment, comment, comment......

# Shaelun's Comment: edited by myself on 11-13-2006 to fix a syntax error (this is the first and probably the last time I will ever fix a script I didn't write, so don't bother asking me).
# Mass picking script for private picking
# This script is designed to help people who do
# private picking and get big jobs like 20+
# boxes but it can be used with just a few
# for the lazies in us. :)

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.43+
# A simple little script that uses `weigh' repeatedly to determine an item's exact weight (or as accurately as you have the patience to let it).

# REQUIRED: v3.01+
# A script to search the bestiary "database"; allows you to search for critters based on flexible, arbitrary criteria. Comes in handy, as it provides a quick and easy way of looking up what level something is, getting an idea of what your hunting options are, finding a direct link to the Simutronics Bestiary Webpage entry, etc., etc. -- full credit for the information this script uses goes to Aemergin. He compiled the list for the database, all I did was write a search function around it.

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.44+ (earlier versions had inconsistencies in their StormFront script interpreting routines that broke scripts as advanced as this)
# Merzbow's Taxi Partnership - Global Travel Script
# StormFront Version - 1.1.3 - October 16, 2006
# AIM: Merzbow42
# email: nryan@nryan.com
# For updates see: http://forum.gsplayers.com/showthread.php?p=520781

# A simple script to more easily sell items (skins, gems, items at the pawnshop, etc.); just enter the item(s) when starting the script, and it will sell as many of that item as you have in your Lich.lootsack container. Example; say you have 2 wands and 3 scrolls -- this would sell all 5 items: ;sell wand scroll

# REQUIRED: v3.06+ and WIZARD (it STILL is NOT compatible with StormFront...)
# This is the script that automatically records your movements. I don't have a Lich-script version of the prog I use to update the map database, and I'm not 100% sure how to do that yet... tiny little things that require me to manually alter them just seem to love popping up and I dunno how to automate the sort of fixes I'll need to. Anyway, just send me the file this script records its data in when you're finished (which is "automaparea.txt" in your Lich script directory); if you go to the trouble of mapping places out, I'll go to the trouble of adding them. However, there is a CRITICAL POINT you must be aware of if you use this script, and I'm as yet unsure how to correct it: if you use PsiNet's move-ahead feature, or if you type the directions faster then the room descriptions scroll (as in type "w" twice because you know where you're going and don't wait for the first room description to scroll by before typing the second "w" move), this script will record INCORRECT info for that room! I've found myself doing this even while paying attention to my moving, so be really careful if you plan to map areas out so I can add them to goto.lic. If you screw up (like I did over & over), just walk back (one move at a time), and then enter the same move commands, but let the room description come up inbetween each one. As long as the script records the CORRECT data AFTER the incorrect data, the correct data will replace the fake gibberish it screwed up (any previously recorded moves are overwritten while adding to the database, so just make sure you walk it over right and there'll be no harm done).

# Simple script to add the XP type functionality to all exp uses in the game
# v1.0 12-Nov-06, Xygon

# This monstrosity of a script monitors all game data, and calculates your redux everytime it sees you take a hit from a weapon it has in its database. This includes virtually every OHE (aliases included), and also all standard brawling/2H/pole/blunt base weapons (switchable weapons, such as bastard swords and katanas, have been excluded because it's either impossible to figure out which it is, or so hard I just don't want to bother). All crit messages I could find damage values for are included -- however, this unfortunately doesn't include neck crits... still, about 75-95% of hits you take are able to be calculated. It automatically saves your history, so that over time, the value it provides for your redux is about as close as you can possibly get without knowing the formula.
# Infomonitor occasionally isn't getting enough time to load the player's level when Lich starts up, so...
# Since Lich tracks char name/level now (w/ infomonitor.lic), no need to interact with the game unless we don't have the info for some reason... check for that.
# Now if either of those are still unknown, interact w/ the game to collect the necessary info...
# Scan Lich's cached history and pick up the user's name/level from there, if possible. Since 'regetall' turns the string into a regular expression, we can't give it a regular expression... but the standard syntax will work just fine (hence the funky chars in the string).
# Lich doesn't have any cached game lines with the info we need, so send 'info' to the game and read it in.

# Contains the same weapons and damage factors as calcredux.lic, but instead of using them to calculate your redux this script allows you to list or search them

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.38+
# Automatically closes any of your containers if you leave them open for a specified amount of time (like the self-closing containers, except this script has no special messaging); note that adding your container name(s) in the script and their open/close messages may be required.
# You can change the amount of time the script will wait to close the container (if you don't close it yourself first, of course) here
# This is where you should add your container if you'd like to
# This is where you should add the opening line seen if your container's messages aren't recognized
# This is where you should add the closing line if your container's messages aren't recognized

# Simple script that I use to make sure I haven't accidentally broken any commands with an update or addition, etc.. Also serves to demonstrate the output of some of the checks and their usage.

# Tweaks the SF GUI to add other items
# v0.1 25-Nov-06, Xygon
# Requires: StormFront and Lich v3.44 or higher
# Currently implements:
# - XP-like drain rate directly into the experience window
# Future implements:

# REQUIRED: v2.86+
# This script will work for anyone of any profession, and will spell up any targets you provide when starting the script (or yourself if you enter 'auto'); if no targets are given, it defaults to 'auto'. Type ;spellup help for a more detailed list of options.
# PsiNet's 'spellup auto' function more or less works like a charm, and despite random stuff I've re-written by request, I really never wanted to repeat what Jamus has already done... I wrote this script mostly because Jamus didn't consider the server being down and 'spellup auto (person)' doesn't work when you aren't linked. This script is also faster and starts with the highest level spells first, which I like.

# REQUIRED: Wizard (any version) or v3.37+ in SF (earlier versions than v3.37 did not include SF support for the features this script uses)
# Rewritten healme.lic, for those of us non-Empaths. Uses herbs to completely heal all of your wounds/scars (primarily uses herbs from the Landing area, but also a few EN tinctures if those aren't available). Note that you must have the herbs.

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.43+
# A script that passively waits for someone to hand you an item; it then loresings to the item, whispers the discovered information to whoever handed it to you, and hands the item back when it's done.
#Added a waitfor after the accept command, should allow the sctipt to work on faster computers where the script alwasy thought you hadnt been handed an item
# "You can have as many loresongs as you want, just enclose them in brackets and put %s anywhere the item's name",
# "should go -- just like above, and just like this commented-out part",

# REQUIRED: StormFront, or if used with the Wizard, an "older" character (see below)
# --------
# A little script that echoes an in-character notification when you become fried and/or when your mind then drops down to clear; note that for some bizarre and inexplicable reason, the Wizard mind display is inaccurate for "newer" characters (ones created after some unknown date): since Lich tracks the game-sent status information the same way Wizard does, Lich's tracking of how full your head is will be wrong as well. In short, this script won't work properly if you're playing with the Wizard and your character isn't "old." With StormFront, the script should be reliable regardless of when your character was created.

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.46+
# As of v3.46+, Lich supports unzipping and executing compressed script files on-the-fly (meaning you can keep your script files zipped unless you want to edit them).
# To avoid unnecessary hassle/confusion, this is a script that compresses files using Zlib (I'm sure there are plenty, but I don't know of any Windows program that compresses files in a format compatible with Lich's implementation of Zlib inflation/deflation, so I wrote this script to make things easy for users).

# REQUIRED: Lich v3.46+
# As of v3.46+, Lich supports unzipping and executing compressed script files on-the-fly (meaning you can keep your script files zipped unless you want to edit them).
# Even though nearly all of the popular unzipping programs (PKZip, WinZip, WinRAR, etc.) can decompress the Lempel-Ziv (LZ77) zip files Lich's "gzip.lic" script produces, you can just use this script to unzip them if you prefer.