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03-20-2008, 12:01 AM
Here's the rest of it. Everything is off-the-shelf save for maybe an item or two. I'm not going through all the details of the items. ALL the flowers are worn behind the ear. Every runestaff or leather armor is going to be the enchant of it's wood, or 4x. Since the majority of us on here are intelligent and logical, offer something as such, or I'm going to blow you off. Chunks of items sold for a flat price are encouraged. If you get the first offer in and its agreeable its yours. U2U me or post your wants up here.

a wrapped natural linen top
a translucent forest green vial
a narrow jade flask coiled in a wrapped bronze python skin
a pair of silver silk slippers with pointed toes
a pewter grey sharkskin bodice with a plunging basque waist
a trio of red-tinged purple sapphire rope necklaces
a flounced aubergine skirt edged with silver pearl droplets
a rich red fox stole with a black tipped tail
some black silk high-heeled slippers
a silken sanguine gauze wrap
a silver-twined viridian glass bottle
a pair of silver-swept blue chalcedony drop earrings
a sumptuous white fox fur stole
a pair of pointed-toe slippers fashioned from pale green silk
a slender silver ring mounted with a periwinkle feystone
a thin-stranded bronze ferroniere supporting a small bloodjewel
a nine-strand necklace of naturally shaped golden moonstones
a coppery velvet pelisse lined in cream satin
a series of tiny metal spikes
a set of twisted silver hoops
a light grey wool tunic with a wide side-slit hem
a seven-strand necklace of cube-cut emeralds
a bracelet of gilded copper leaves with faint patina streaks
a braided silver and ametrine ring
a series of heavy gold necklaces
a slender faewood and silver moonstone band
a tightly wound black cotton hair-wrap
a sweeping viridian skirt backsplit over black satin
some red garnet cabochon earrings in satin silver settings
a sheer black gossamer bodice heavily beaded with jet and garnets
a grey and garnet bourde headwrap woven with thin silver threads
a soft fox fur stole slashed with jet edged burgundy silk
a delicate lace wrist-purse
some flared ashen silk pants
a silvery grey damask coat lined in obsidian satin
some grubby mirror shards
a torn black leather bodice with silvery laces
a multi-layered frost blue silk cloak
a heavy bronze brocatelle pelisse woven with floral patterns
a flower-etched glass orb bottle
an unadorned elven-crafted hunting bow
a slender ferroniere of silver filament suspending a fiery square-cut peridot
a sigil-incised witchwood runestaff
a dull rowan runestaff
some rotting studded leather
a rope-shaped carved crystal choker
a plethora of silvery metal shavings
some broken wire lockpicks
a gauzy sky blue chainsil robe
a flimsy russet silk gauze robe
an overlapping leaf skeleton ring dipped in verdant faenor
a series of fractured bone shards
some hip-slung emerald silk pantaloons
a bronze-dipped leaf skeleton strung on a crimson ribbon
a pair of bronze silk slippers with sharply pointed toes
some ebon suede thigh-boots buttoned up the backs with iridescent black pearls
some cropped pale ivory chainsil pants
a carved polished ivory diadem
a pair of grey open-toe slippers
a faceted black diamond solitaire hung from a platinum chain
a short white cotton blouse with long billowy sleeves
a pair of black leather boots propped on tall skinny heels
a pair of sterling silver earrings inset with tiny white pearls
some delicately pointed black leather poulaines
a collar of tear-cut rubies and spherical diamonds
a stark white fitted muslin bodice
a black taffeta skirt with tints of rich purple in its pleats
a seven-strand necklace of cube-cut emeralds
a silver-dipped cuff of overlapping illthorn leaf skeletons
a seven-strand necklace of cube-cut emeralds
a fluid faenor-hued marbrinus gown with swirls of darker green
some polished alligator skin slippers with pointed toes
some cinnamon satin open-toed slippers
some cobalt leather thong sandals with flimsy soles
a long layered skirt of bronze and vibrant indigo veils
some billowy silver silk pants with a faint cobalt sheen
a luxurious sable stole
a dark violet amethyst ring caged in onyx roses
a lace-like amethyst shard necklace
some hip-slung onyx satin pantaloons
a charcoal grey cambric shirt with tightly laced cuffs
a pair of delicately-pointed glossy white kidskin poulaines
a small ebon marble urn inlaid with black opal roses
a silver-twined viridian glass bottle
a cropped black leather jacket with side-slashed sleeves
a pair of delicately-pointed glossy white kidskin poulaines
a satin-lined white ermine stole
a long-sleeved linen tunic dyed a rich dark gold
a pair of pointy golden slippers edged with tiny jewels
a bottle of crystal clear perfume twined with sprigs of golden edelweiss
a copper-lipped auburn vial of cologne
a set of curled golden hooks
some eahnor-trimmed leathers
some backless sheer silk sandals
a translucent forest green vial
a bit of knotted copper wire
a handful of gritty brown sand
a wide-brimmed black felt hat banded with veniom wire
a knee-length white moire silk longcoat
a silver-washed carved cedar fan
a wide-linked brushed silver wristchain
a herringbone-weave neckchain of silver links
a spindly peridot vial of scented oil embossed with a sprig of lemon grass
some milky white silk sandals with short maple heels
some platinum-edged scintillating diamond studs
a verdant-hued frosted vial of cologne
a double rope necklace of gleaming bloodjewels
a tear-cut white starstone necklace
a trillion-cut citrine and twisted bronze ring
some onyx leggings cross-wrapped with silk ribbon
a blue silk headscarf trimmed with teardrop-cut sapphires
a pair of backless azure slippers with sharply pointed toes
a grey satin robe draped with arabesque onyx beadwork
a set of five lustrous onyx rings
a serpentine clear zircon band
a delicate jade vine-inset ebonwood ring
a tertiary white hawk feather painted withe geometric patterns
a tertiary white hawk feather painted withe geometric patterns
a flowing gown of grey marbrinus edged with silver leafwork
a pair of white ankle-tie silk slippers
a compact lily-etched antique ivory mirror
a dark-sheened scarlet jacket fastened with silver buttons
a trio of amethyst spikes
a quintet of graduated gold rings
a green-black spiraled steel barb
a translucent delicate white iris
a canary yellow rose
an intensely bright yellow poppy
a star-shaped yellow wood violet
a blue-tinted white rose
a blue-tipped white alpine violet
a blue-tinted white tulip
a pale lavender blue winter rose
a brilliant crimson poppy
a yellow-tinged crimson dragonstalk
a stunning pink moonflower
a startling magenta zinnia
a dark violet-hued moonflower
a purple-tipped white iris
a dark blackish-purple mournbloom
a flame orange tulip
a translucent white ice tulip
a silver-tipped black iris
a lustrous pure white lily
a silvery grey orchid
a vivid tangerine-hued zinnia
a dark garnet-hued orchid
a pristine white poppy
a yellow-eyed white daisy
some dirty glass shards
an oversized white gardenia
a octagonal veniom ring
a radiant ghostly blue leaf pendant swept with pale silver patterns
a stunning dark purple iris
a vivid bright orange poppy
a vivid scarlet flamestalk
a stunning golden yellow daffodil
a gnarled and twisted orase runestave
a flawless pure white moonflower

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Son of a bitch. Someone delete this thread? Thanks. :D