12-05-2003, 06:46 AM
Early this morning, town governments met quickly and in secret to decide on policy changes in their local legal systems, fearing possible retribution from the all-powerful constables. Before anyone was alerted to the meeting, lawmakers had already hammered out the basics of the new policies. The two main thrusts for the system were in the areas of accountability and lenience.

To the end of increasing the accountability of their local lawmen, lawmakers have decreed that all centers of justice are to be staffed with a contingent of clerks to monitor the whereabouts of law enforcement personnel. Citizens are able, and in fact encouraged, to head to their local center of law and INQUIRE as to the location of their law enforcement at any time.

In the area of lenience, local law enforcement and judges have reluctantly agreed to give some credit to community service workers who fail to meet the set standards of effort. Henceforth, servers of community service may receive credit toward their sentence even when they did not complete a task satisfactorily, depending on the effort expended. Sentences will still require completing the final task to the satisfaction of the legal authorities before the sentence will be considered complete