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09-24-2007, 10:38 PM
This is a large list, let me know if you want specifics on one particular item and I'll send them to you. Trying to liquidate, sorry about the randomness. I also have a few utility characters around level 20 (locksmith, healer plus a bard at lvl 10 if anyone is interested.)

a moldy bone
a chocolate dipped sweet pickle - SOLD
a slate grey snake skin sash
a feathered satin bandana
a sprig of mistletoe
a white chocolate treat shaped like a wreath of miniature moonflowers
a red and white pierced heart paingrip
an eyeless doll head
a porcelain butterfly statuette
an alabaster flying demon statue
a bottle of dried blood perfume
a small dried black heart
a small liquid-filled cube
a soft pink sheath
a steel-tipped ironwood runestaff - SOLD
a silver-edged moss agate feather
a bottle of rich Gaeh'deh burgandy
a vaalin-swept illthorn leaf pin - SOLD
a garnet-set gold circlet
a gold-edged black diamond necklace (amu holder)
an obsidian talisman inset with a white-winged opal woman
a shiny black cricket
a scarlet pouch
a speckled black and white egg
a rotten black egg
a cup of rich black tea
a padded ginger red sack
a cut argent vultite-bloom wolf charm
some obsidian skull earrings
an elaborate carved fel hairbrush
an old shoebox painted with the image of a dying mournbloom
a silver-edged rainbow glaes pendant
a cup of rich black tea
a jewel-inset silver candy box
an ale-colored squirrel lollipop
a strawberry lady bug lollipop with licorice spots
a black silk half-mask embroidered with a red dragonfly
a bronze goose feather
a leaf green hat
a petite sweet-smelling cigar
a grainy cobalt blue pebble
a sand-dusted cloudy pebble
a crimson-swept deep black rose
a rumpled oilcloth armband
an engorged black firefly
a small wooden box
a curving raven claw stud in the upper ridge of her left ear
some sharp mithril claws
a ruby-eyed demon's head brooch
a tiny granite headstone-shaped stud
an engraved wooden box
a blue crystal
a drake falchion
a pair of small steel jaws
a wooden glasses case
a fire-scorched invar baby dragon
a feras mace
a scrollworked leather wand belt
a clear glass wand
a clear glass wand
an iron wand
an iron wand
a slim rod
a twisted rod
a silver wand
a twisted silver wand laced with golden thread
a polished bloodwood wand
a crystal wand
a golden wand
a braided spiderleg sack
some long translucent chalk
a piece of yellowed paper
a scarred brown runestone
a steel blue dragonfly
a large green dragonfly
a skull-shaped pure black jet stone
some fine crystalline chalk
a steel blue dragonfly
a large green dragonfly
a large scarred pebble
a bunch of crimson salt crystals
a gold-flecked pure white flake
a sand-dusted striated crystal
a multi-layered scarred crystal
a green-flecked orb-like crystal
a light pink morganite stone
a crystal raven figurine
a pair of black witchwood dice
a shadowy black runestone
a multi-layered obelisk-shaped rock
a pale blue runestone
a simple white linen pouch
a jagged edged shadowy runestone
a gold-threaded forest green gem pouch
a pair of tall bone-buckled boots
a braided black leather whip
some black silk stockings embroidered with red dragonflies
a skeletally gaunt agate-eyed imflass dragon armband
a bronze fire opal headband
a tooled blue starstone earcuff
a pair of woven satin ribbon armbands in shades of copper and gold - SOLD
an engraved red dreamstone earring
a low-cut curvaceous flame red bodice
a blue spinel studded copper armband
a brown-eyed trailblazer doll
a tawny cotton shirt buttoned with acorns
a black antennae-topped headband
a coil of bloodstained rope
a blood red cream-filled vial
a coal black kohl stick
a toy dark elf wizard
a narrow laje sliver
a fuchsia cream-filled pot
an ice blue and silver gossamer kite
a silver-chased black steel bar
a carved onyx cat pin

In a deep chest:
a blued chainmail backscabbard
a weapon sling
a long thin soft lavender backpack
a waterstained ephemeris journal
a set of ruby heart-shaped earrings
an eahnor-inset silver fist symbol
a fluffy white toy kitten
a yellow butterfly wing
a bleached bird skull pendant
a large garnet (registered)
a deep red and grey silk kite
a pale grey and white twill kite
a black and yellow silk kite

In a clothing wardrobe:
a thick buckskin coin pouch
a crisp black long-sleeved shirt
a black antennae-topped headband
a filigree silver snowflake
a front-laced dark blue silk bodice
an asymmetrical black velvet hat
a silver chainmail frog

In a magical item bin:
a gleaming onyx nose ring
a gold dragon crest

On a weapon rack:
a silvery vultite warblade with deep blue leather braided about its sapphire-crowned pommel - SOLD
a bloodjewel-set twisted black steel katar SOLD
a pitted vultite katar with glaes inlays SOLD
a fanatic's falchion SOLD
a fur-covered vultite razorpaw

On an armor stand:
some back-slit deep black leathers-You touch the crystal with one hand, your deep black leathers in the other hand. Tiny sparks of brilliant golden light dance across your leathers. A green beam shoots up from your deep black leathers toward the ceiling.
a silvery blue imflass chain shirt - You touch the crystal with one hand, your imflass chain shirt in the other hand. Tiny sparks of brilliant golden light dance across your shirt. A green beam shoots up from your imflass chain shirt toward the ceiling.

a rugged leather loot bag
an ebonwood Oleani figurine
a fine rosewood Mularos sculpture
a porcelain soldier miniature
a plump ivory suede toy hound
a miniature toy catapult
a golden topaz inset iron sceptre
a blood red glove
a wrinkled snow white sack
some slouched white suede boots
an iron-weighted bola

a large golden yellow pack
a cloudy blue potion
a butcher's cleaver
a glaes-studded dark vultite goblet
a small shadowy black velvet pouch
a jade-studded leather cestus
some ambrominas leaf
a wooden flute
some acantha leaf
a serpent-shaped knife with an emerald eye
a wooden flute
a tanned thrak hide
some wolifrew lichen
a wedding cake
a piece of silvery paper
a raven's blood elixir
a chocolate-dipped strawberry
a canteen of pure spring water
a gold-edged green prayer box
a skull-etched pale white bone coin
a sheaf of golden paper
a raven feather
a silver-chased raven miniature
a curved willow rune brush
a splintery oak rune brush
a soft carved willow brush
a small glaes vial of rune ink
a clay flask of crimson rune ink
a clay flask of black rune ink
a clay flask of silver-flecked ink
a cup of holy water
a piece of smeared paper
a thin piece of purple chalk
some crimson blood incense
some ivory mistletoe incense
a carved ironwood raven locket
a milk chocolate kitten-shaped treat
some toasted pumpkin seeds
a loose tooth
some back bones
a chocolate dipped frozen banana
a whiskered plush black cat mask
a spiked black leather collar - SOLD
a tiny silver disk charm
an invar-edged crimson vultite shield
a pure white leather prayer book - SOLD
a translucent ebon glaes orb
a bright red leaf
a bundle of dried cactacae spine
a loose tooth
a brass flute
a bone-fringed pale saddle
some blood-red wine
a bolmara potion
a brass flute
an aster opal
a thin swirl-etched brush

a complicated rope-laced backpack
a jade-pommeled mithril talon sword
a pale blue satchel
a crushed silk sack
a bone-inlaid bronze pin
some rose thorn spiked leg greaves with white hide straps
a razor-edged broadsword
a narrow caracal bone kris
a bone-inlaid silver earring
a crystal amulet
a silver stick pin
a blood red necklace
a tooled imflass bracer
a fiery red satchel
a slender steel needle
a blue crystal
a tiny treasure chest cookie
a cloudy blue potion
an oak-handled drake limb-cleaver
a purple and white jester hat
some exquisite crystal hairpins- SOLD
a black penguin feather quill
a flame-red tightly laced bodice
a ghostly white sackcloth backpack

a soft doeskin leather sack
a jade-studded leather cestus
a brushed imflass stickpin
a tooled red dreamstone pin
a square-cut amber ring
a small cobalt blue belt pouch
a threadbare pink woolen hood
a wild pansy blossom
a razorpaw
a little round mirror
some reinforced cobalt blue leathers
a pair of gold-threaded leggings
some dark blue square-toed shoes
a crystal amulet
a pale white cloth sack
some small steel finger cymbals with teal twisted silk cords
a pine-bellied theorbo with a finely carved inset rose
a leaf-engraved green mithril flute inlaid with pearl frogs
an acid-eaten ash crumhorn

some russet suede slippers with little acorn charms
some tawny cuffed pants stitched with frolicking squirrels
a slender brown fur tail
a small tanned leather pouch
a slender imflass dagger with jewels inset along the handle
some small gold squirrel studs
a large acorn
some paw-shaped black fur shoes
a russet brocade cloak patterned with acorns and oak trees
a broadsword
a small statue
a cross-hatched mithril nail file
a diamond-edged black vaalin lockpick
a copper lockpick
a copper lockpick
a steel lockpick
a steel lockpick
a branched golden wire lockpick
a cerulean-hued wavy glaes lockpick
a pearl-etched thin alum lockpick
a battle-worn dark vultite buckler
some black fingerless gloves
a gold leaf-encircled armband
some deep ebony armor SOLD
a dark leather locksmith's toolkit

some worn-out dancing shoes laced with old twine
a sleek violet silk skirt embroidered with tiny moons and stars in delicate silver thread
a black and white bamboo dragonfly
a pale violet iceblossom
a paintbrush etched flask
a platinum diamond-inset girdle with a silver crescent moon buckle - SOLD
a dried vine-wrapped herb bracelet
some diamond white robes
a small acantha-shaped pin
an antique midnight blue krodera starling with diamond-scaled wings banded in rose gold
a sleeveless white lace robe - SOLD
some opal-inset double leather
a gold-stitched dark velvet hat
a spiked silver ball stud
a twisted tanik runestaff carved with an intricate design of acantha leaves and cothinar flowers - SOLD
a tiny smooth moon medallion suspended from a gold chain
a small leaf-etched emerald amulet
a silver crystal ball symbol

09-29-2007, 10:48 PM
I'd like to know more about the a twisted tanik runestaff carved with an intricate design of acantha leaves and cothinar flowers, please! :)

01-08-2008, 05:59 PM
Would like to know more about the opal-inset double leather please.

01-08-2008, 06:40 PM
Arise thread, and be born again!

01-08-2008, 06:50 PM