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06-26-2003, 09:04 AM
Anyone play Platinum and think Nishima the he-she is a complete and utter butthole? Some guy plays her and just acts like a nut for no reason at all. He-she barks, gobbles, flaps her arm, gawks at everyone and talks in baby talk for no reason. Some idiots seem to tolerate her and pretend to like her because she'll run to save them (vulture empath) if they die. Guess anything can be excused if you do a good deed.

Now thats roleplay!

06-26-2003, 09:26 AM
Simple answer... Stop playing Plat :D

Red Devil
06-26-2003, 10:14 AM
Advanced answer: Blue Crystal.

06-26-2003, 10:20 AM
Heh I like Nishima a lot. Frankly I don't find her annoying and adds a good dose of entertainment to the community. She does more rescues than most, and is always willing to heal without complaints.

Weedmage Princess
06-26-2003, 10:25 AM
Actually, Nishima's far from a vulture..she's basically the only empath I know of there that is willing to go to someone if they ASK for help. Last time I checked, that wasn't a vulture *shrugs* I enjoy interacting with Nishima. My character loves her. She cracks me up, and I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say quite a few others feel the same. I guess that makes me an idiot. The player behind Nishima is a really nice guy, as well. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

06-26-2003, 12:05 PM
I hear Bobmuhthol is very entertaining. Much more entertaining than Nishima, in fact. What do you guys think?

Red Devil
06-26-2003, 12:48 PM
damn k3wls

06-26-2003, 01:48 PM
All the barking and stuff gets on my nerves but hes playing a crazy person so if you ask me that fits. I dont mind Nishima. The character has some really strong points she will rescue anywhere and in plat that is very important because not everyone can come get you as you get older. As part of a team she works extremley well no complaining no whining does her job and helps keep everyone alive. I cant tell you how much fun we had in our group when we had the pirate ship invasion in Sol and it would have been missing a big part if Nishima had not been there. Do I agree with how he roleplays her - no. But he doesnt do OOC stuff, he stays consistently in character all the time. And hes not a snert so i dont see what there is to complain about.


06-26-2003, 01:52 PM
I actually Enjoyed Nishima myself. For a while, I thought she just disliked me..but Mirrami and some others pointed out she is just hard to get close to. And being that I'm very fond of empaths, I'm always trying to get close to them. :-P

-Adredrin, the ever dead.

06-26-2003, 07:50 PM

Folks, can we keep the Platinum character bashing to the Platinum boards? Leave these boards untainted for the Prime character bashing that amuses me so well!


P.S. Regardless of my feelings on the topic, one way or the other, I'm certainly not going to get into it here.

06-26-2003, 11:36 PM
Yet you'll copy stuff said here, out of context, to the Plat boards for use in straw man arguments.

Suck it up, Jay.

I see no reason to deny Plat getting on the Jerry Springer style Corner action.

06-27-2003, 01:11 AM
I did? I don't recall. I'm not saying that its totally outside the realm of possibly but I don't recall doing so.

Far more likely that if I did bring anything over it was completely in context and right on point. I usually leave the straw man arguments to others. :P


06-27-2003, 06:26 AM
What's so special about the plat boards?

Anyone who plays GemStone is welcome to post in any folder here available to the public.

06-27-2003, 08:01 AM
Originally posted by Warriorbird

I see no reason to deny Plat getting on the Jerry Springer style Corner action.

I was looking for a way to describe the Player's Corner of late.

You just nailed it. Half the pesky posters don't even play gemstone anymore for the looks of it.

Well sure as hell is entertaining if not informative.

06-27-2003, 09:36 AM
Nah, not Springer. If this were anything like Springer we'd see things here that no one should see. Besides, none of these arguments are based on bisexual/trisexual affairs with transexuals and their horrible lovers.

06-27-2003, 09:57 AM
<< none of these arguments are based on bisexual/trisexual affairs with transexuals and their horrible lovers. >>

It's only a matter of time!

06-27-2003, 12:22 PM
Give me a few days. :D :P

06-27-2003, 12:45 PM
Let's not get into Caels personal life heh

06-27-2003, 12:46 PM
Heh, if I had a sex life I wouldn't need these forums would I?

06-27-2003, 03:21 PM
speak for yourself heh

06-27-2003, 04:04 PM
I was.