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06-29-2003, 03:45 AM
The warrior comes with a ton of weapons/armor and stuff, house locker is completely stuffed full, plus a bunch of stuff on him. Mostly 4x, but there is 5x brig, 2 4x somewhat dmg weighted brawlers..other stuff. I'd prefer to sell them both so you can just take over the account, but can transfer the characters if you only want one of them..

Email bids to roller@smarteeprints.com or AIM at roller5526

Name: *** Race: Giant Profession: Cleric (shown as: Crusader)
Gender: Male Age: 38 Expr: 564204 Level: 21
Currently Stat Bonus
Constitution (CO): 50 .... 10
Dexterity (DE): 82 .... 11
Discipline (DI): 97 .... 23
Logic (LO): 70 .... 10
Intelligence (IN): 61 .... 0
Strength (ST): 79 .... 29
Reflexes (RE): 74 .... 7
Charisma (CH): 35 .... -2
Wisdom (WI): 91 .... 20
Aura (AU): 93 .... 16
Mana: 53 Silver: 0

*** (at level 21), your skill bonuses and ranks are:
Skill Bonus Rank
Armor Use : 96 [22]
Shield Use : 96 [22]
Combat Maneuvers : 96 [22]
Edged Weapons : 96 [22]
Climbing : 25 [5]
Swimming : 15 [3]
Multi-Opponent Combat : 25 [5]
Perception : 5 [1]
Mana Sharing : 144 [44]
Physical Training : 96 [22]
First Aid : 96 [22]
Physical Training Points : 3

Level: 21 Experience: 564204
Next level at: 600000 exp. Exp. until next lvl: 35796
Fame: 949976 Mana: 53/53 Max
Deeds: 5 Deaths this level: 0

Your spell lists:
Major Spirit......17
Minor Spirit......7
Cleric Circle.....20
Use SPELL ALL to view detailed list of spells.

>spell all
You know the following spells:

Major Spirit:
Number Name
201 Calm
202 Spirit Shield
203 Manna
204 Unpresence
205 Light
206 Darkness
207 Purify Air
208 Living Spell
209 Untrammel
210 Silence
211 Bravery
212 Interference
213 Minor Sanctuary
214 Bind
215 Heroism
216 Frenzy
217 Herb Mastery

Minor Spirit:
Number Name
101 Spirit Warding I
102 Spirit Barrier
103 Spirit Defense
104 Disease Resistance
105 Poison Resistance
106 Spirit Fog
107 Spirit Warding II

Cleric Base:
Number Name
301 Prayer of Holding
302 Smite
303 Prayer of Protection
304 Holy Blade
305 Preservation
306 Holy Bolt
307 Benediction
308 Well of Life
309 Neutralize Curse
310 Warding Sphere
311 Blinding
312 Raise Dead
313 Prayer
314 Interdiction
315 Remove Curse
316 Atonement
317 Zealot
318 Life Restoration
319 Divine Wrath
320 Exorcism

In the locker you see a claidhmore, a basket-hilted eonake espadon, a rugged wolf-hide backpack, a rune-etched heavy iron lance, a hook-bladed vultite awl-pike, an aquamarine wand, a twisted wand, a clear glass wand, a blue crystal, a blue crystal, a small statue, a narrow gold ring, a handaxe and a white opal.

Name: *** Race: Giant Profession: Warrior (shown as: Mercenary)
Gender: Male Age: 47 Expr: 724019 Level: 24
Currently Stat Bonus
Constitution (CO): 77 .... 23
Dexterity (DE): 95 .... 17
Discipline (DI): 91 .... 20
Logic (LO): 54 .... 2
Intelligence (IN): 54 .... -3
Strength (ST): 82 .... 31
Reflexes (RE): 95 .... 17
Charisma (CH): 37 .... -1
Wisdom (WI): 58 .... 4
Aura (AU): 84 .... 12
Mana: 53 Silver: 0

*** (at level 24), your skill bonuses and ranks are:
Skill Bonus Rank
Armor Use : 170 [70]
Shield Use : 150 [50]
Combat Maneuvers : 150 [50]
Two-Handed Weapons : 150 [50]
Climbing : 25 [5]
Swimming : 25 [5]
Multi-Opponent Combat : 105 [25]
Ambush : 50 [10]
Physical Training : 150 [50]
First Aid : 105 [25]
Mental Training Points : 3

Level: 24 Experience: 724019
Next level at: 750000 exp. Exp. until next lvl: 25981
Fame: 1814464 Mana: 53/53 Max
Deeds: 4 Deaths this level: 0

You are wearing a crystal amulet, an inky black suede gem pouch, a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim, a silver-inlaid haon weapon case, a rugged black leather satchel, an ornate black spidersilk satchel, a grinning skull pin, a hammered pewter ring, a tattooed symbol of V'Tull, an emerald four-leaf clover pendant, a crossed claidhmore tattoo, a Warrior Guild tattoo, a raging warhorse tattoo, a raised fist tattoo, a charging roa'ter tattoo, an ora-studded ankle sheath, a black invar crystal-studded chain, a jet black shirt, some spike-sole leather hiking boots, some dented chain hauberk, a ruby-studded white leather wrist-sheath, a mithril juggernaut pin, a menacing skull pin, a Warrior Guild member pin, a silver greatsword pin and a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm.

In the spidersilk cloak you see a thin black steel skull amulet, a vaalorn sleeping cat locket, a silver dolphin locket, a pair of leather hiking boots, a white flask, a jet black brick, a wide gold ring, a pink rhodocrosite stone, a short hafted vultite spiked mace, an emerald-set silver ring, an intricately carved faenor ring, an emerald-set silver band, an intricately carved faenor band, a groaning ghoul doll, some ora-plated pyrothag hide brigandine, a silver-trim blue wool greatcloak, some pitch black leather back-sheaths, a dwarven mithril hook-knife, a fel-handled imflass hook-knife, a steel-bladed invar knuckle-blade, an opal-latched lockpick case, a crystal amulet and a scorched black claidhmore.

In the haon weapon case you see a polished golden vultite shield and a thick-bladed vultite bastard sword.

In the locker you see a skull grafted vultite lance, a serrated invar claidhmore, a razor sharp skull-pommelled claidhmore, a double-bladed vultite battle axe, a grass-stained foraging sack, an opal-clasped spidersilk backpack, a dwarven forged vultite hauberk, a pure white leather prayer book, a black leather sword-embossed tome, an onyx-hilted eonake battlesword, a sturdy hunting pack, a set of vaalin traced full plate, a gold-trimmed leather breastplate, an acid-pitted brushed silver falchion, some bronzed black leather brigandine, a vultite beheading sword, some polished elven brigandine, a thick-bladed vultite bastard sword, an elegant silvery bastard sword, an acid-etched vaalorn bastard sword, a gargoyle pommeled ora espadon, a drakar-edged mithglin battlesword, a silver wolf locket, an alum lockpick, a viciously spiked vultite yierka-spur, an elegant silvery bastard sword, a thick-bladed vultite bastard sword, a thick-bladed vultite bastard sword, a thick-bladed vultite bastard sword, an elegant silvery bastard sword, a massive vultite greataxe, a stained and pitted heavy broadsword, a viciously spiked vultite yierka-spur, a rune-etched invar claidhmore, a sharpened wooden stake, a jagged-edged vultite meat cleaver, some ornate vaalorn leg greaves, some ornate vaalorn arm greaves, a silver-inlaid haon weapon case, a massive glaes club, a bronze leaf-shaped locket, some clawed-up bloodstained leathers, a razor-sharp steel claidhmore, a serrated invar claidhmore, a thin rolaren target shield, a deeply tooled bronze vaalorn shield, a steel-banded black vultite battle-axe, a ruby-eyed ivory skull, an antique veniom-inlaid ring and a black spider-clasped satchel.