View Full Version : GS4 Halfling Cleric Help

10-04-2003, 05:59 PM
If anyone has been following changes and wants to help me with this id be very happy. Id ask Stray again but i figure nagging him for more than one character to help me would be greedy.

Anyway he will be 15 at least when gs4 comes about as he is 13 now and how i picture him is a smite caster first and formost but i also really wanna take advantage of the good dexterity and cast bolts too. Any help out there in how i should place stats and train to accomplish this? I think i tried to make him a 3x spirit channeling and other magic stuff so i could use staves but it came out to like 5 PTP and 80 MTP's so i need help in getting what i need more than what i want i think.