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Sylvan Dreams
04-02-2005, 07:34 PM
Droplets of inky black ichor begin to drip down from a large black vulture and pool underneath as the veil of an illusion peels back. The a large black vulture's visage begins to distort and reveal behind it a cloud of pale green rouk. As the last droplet *plops* into the pool, it dissolves into mist that disperses upon the wind.
[Ta'Illistim, BriarStone Court]
A mordant odor descends from the smoking chimney of a sturdy little building on the east side of the court. A tarnished brass sign is set into the iron-banded thanot doors leading into the establishment. You also see the Jenovadeath disk and a cloud of pale green rouk (flying).
Also here: Jenovadeath
Obvious paths: south, southwest, west
>yell CONSTABLE! The darkie's got a demon in town!
You belt out, "CONSTABLE! The darkie's got a demon in town!"
A cloud of pale green rouk floats out of the area.
Jenovadeath says, "Oh crap."
A cloud of pale green rouk floats into the area.

A quartet of guardsmen saunter in, closely followed by the Guard Captain.

With great ease, the Guard Captain grabs Jenovadeath and shackles his wrists.

"There you are! I got a tip that I'd find you here," says the Guard Captain.
The Guard Captain then drags him off.

You laugh out loud!

04-02-2005, 10:57 PM
Hah... Wait till he pwns you back.