View Full Version : A DECK-A-DENT DEBUT

03-08-2005, 03:51 PM
Come join the cards of The Deck as they host A Deck-a-Dent Debut on Restday, the 13th day of Charlatos!

The Deck cordially invites you to join them in a fun-filled, day long festival of mystery, mischief, and mayhem! See all of the cards show off their skills and come teach them some new ones!

There will be free services, games, food, drinks, prizes, and lots of fun for everyone!

1 pm - Ambushing Sweethearts - Thrak Inn Party Room
2pm - Strategic Slice-n-Dice - The Boulder
3pm - Pick. CLICK! *BOOM!* - 2nd floor of the east tower
4pm - Pins and Needles - TSC Treehouse
5pm - By the skin of your teeth - Furrier Backroom
6pm - Pilfered Poetry - Helga's
7pm - 52 Card Pickup - Helga's
7:30pm - Twisted Toasts - Helga's
8pm - Pipsqueak's Pranks - Dark Alley in TSNE
9pm - Mischievous Mysteries - Merchant Guild
10pm - Sheer Deck-a-Dance - Party Tent