View Full Version : Wanted: Bounty partner between 55 and 60 for night time bounty hunting in Sol/WL

08-09-2016, 09:19 PM
Im seeking a evening/night bounty partner for back to back bounty hunting mainly in Sol/WL area. I got a level 56 warrior who is a Voln master with over 500 revs, wears a voln set of platemail, swings a 420 bonded falchion and is also UAC trained. I easily solo bandits and undead. Majority of the bounties I get are located in the Bonespear tower. if you swing a weapon to hunt undead be sure you have a way to keep your weapon in your hand cause waevn like to disarm and dyybuks like to grab dropped weapons. (I UAC undead to take care of disarm issues). I can forage very good and skinning bounties are a breeze. I got 50 ranks in FA, Percep and survival. I also got a secondary utility account with a spellup mage, a rezzing cleric loaded with chrisms and a character with over 2500 bounty gems when needed. Im currently averaging a bounty turn in every 30 minutes or so solo. This is my xp rate at 3x Lumis. Hoping to maintain this xp rate or do better!

Exp. Gained Avg per Hour Fame Gained Avg per Hour
3147 4687 5097 7592 (0:40:16 since first)
3147 4687 5097 7592 (0:40:16 since last)

Looking to find a partner to break up the repetitiveness of the bounty grind, to bring a new RP to the game and to stockpile bounty points.
Only thing I ask is that your character be trained and geared in such a way to survive bandits and be able to hunt both living and undead with no issues.
If interested in joining me please look for Kiijo in game. I'm typically located in Solhaven area or send me a ;chat on Lnet.