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  1. conspiracies
  2. Last year's price increase and GS4
  3. Lockout.
  4. Expensive Gemstone
  5. Character Retorals
  6. The GM's are Friggin Nuts!
  7. Unfairly Banned?
  8. GH's
  9. Harassment of GM Mahegh
  10. Customer Service
  11. Lockouts.
  12. GM's interpretation
  13. A thought.
  14. Genre crap..
  15. ASSISTS about CvC
  16. Platinum
  17. You laughed when I said
  18. If you could......
  19. Sick Messaging
  20. Idiotic Deflectors
  21. OOG GM Intervention
  22. The Science of Gemstone
  23. Lilassa and Balouga ???
  24. GM Roxia
  25. Hmf
  26. How much do you pay?
  27. GS Down again?
  28. Website not found?
  29. This is why there's so many stupid names out there....
  30. billing change
  31. possible reason for the billing change
  32. The lastest on billing .....
  33. Game down for everyone or just me?
  34. Supreme GM Control
  35. This is getting out of hand..
  36. Service for Paying customers
  37. For those that have canceled account recently
  38. Board Mods Suck
  39. Khaladon
  40. Reality of a big fat lie?
  41. Locked out by mistake!
  42. Screw Simu, thieves
  43. fuck the new jail system
  44. The Name Game
  45. most screwed up thing I have ever seen in game
  46. This is an example of the person suppose to be enforcing RP
  47. Give me a break
  48. This is a freaking travesty
  49. Stubborn stupid staff.
  50. All this because I got Vif arrested more times than I can remember
  51. **Important, Read**
  52. 'Roleplaying Reinvented'
  53. Staff "secrets" getting worse?
  54. Crazy new board mods again
  55. Simu is messed up!
  56. Custom Titles Make Me Cry
  57. GM Question
  58. Crypt, Sanc. GRRRR
  59. Rant about GM's stepping into conflicts
  60. Stupidity
  61. Say 'no' to the Japanification of Gemstone
  62. Stupid GMs
  63. Hmm so what did I miss
  64. Did the game crash for everyone?
  65. Deisel's Auction
  66. Better Not Suckness Plz
  67. Why we're paying more
  68. What have you done.
  69. Letters to Simutronics
  70. We the undersigned...(Response to Price increase)
  71. Haha (Official Boards)
  72. What is the justification?
  73. Worth a chuckle
  74. HA!! <cough> ripoff <cough>
  75. for the folks that say I think Simu can do no wrong
  76. A day in the life of a GM.
  77. This is as stupid as it gets...
  78. harassment
  79. Thank You GMs Cyr, Stealth, Sirina, and GH KSomething
  80. Regarding Bans
  81. Sorry I'm late.
  82. Bi-Polar Gm's
  83. Truncheon is full of bullshit
  84. Overzealous moderating?
  85. Crilia.
  86. Might as well have been in Voln
  87. Khaladon hates me
  88. Quabu is still a fucking moron.
  89. Did this post warrant a pull?
  90. The Brauden Experience
  91. GM Khaladonation
  92. why are we laughing?
  93. Brauden
  94. Michaelous donations continuation
  95. Brauden
  96. This is always good to see...
  97. Another billing error?
  98. More of those Warm Fuzzy Moments
  99. Brauden: Warning for no reason
  100. Merry Christmas. WARCLAIDHM IS LOCKED OUT.
  101. WTF is up with this?
  102. Am I the first to get a post pulled from Simu's HJ board
  103. finally more honesty from Simu (Emeradan)
  104. Kyalia being MEAN
  105. Official Posts Pulled
  106. Michaelous gets screwed again and again and agian and again
  107. Khaladon is on the Rag - Stop pissing him off on the WaveDancer
  108. Simu teaches a corporate lesson on Customer Relations
  109. How to Get a Free WaveDancer Ticket
  110. I just got boned
  112. Thieving and GM involvement -Warning- Rant
  113. SGM Khaladon. Murders. Bigotry? RANT! *longlonglongpost*
  114. Who ever let this one slide...
  115. Why do GM Referals take so long?
  116. Idiotic means of choosing characters for alterations.
  117. What if?
  118. Character Names, Policy, and GMs
  119. Attacked? Just type "QUIT" quoth Emeradan
  120. A letter to The Parents
  121. Role playing Chaos is not allowed in gemstone
  122. wtf names? (long psinet log)
  123. Simu Billing Fiasco Yet Again
  124. Yea, Right!
  125. No longer allowed to find out if the janitor got something?
  126. why simu sucks...
  127. Pimps up
  128. Garbage!
  129. Official Forums Most Annoying Moderator?
  130. Argh
  131. I thought it was only a buck more?
  132. Attn: Warden
  133. Wedding QC.. wtf?
  134. Official: Consent
  135. weapon replacement
  136. Big Brother is WATCHING!
  137. Falsely Accused
  138. Repost from Discussions with Simutronics>The Bad, and the Ugly (general complaints)
  139. GameHosts that have nothing better to do.
  140. Michaelous release him!!
  141. Ofee? Full of herself?
  142. post pulled quick
  143. GS customer service rant
  144. Forging RT, and the people who love it.
  145. So...
  146. Andraste abusing GM powers?
  147. My first Andraste run-in.
  148. Caramia = Andraste?
  149. X-Post from Officials by Jamus RE Andraste
  150. Thoughts...Comments?
  152. Taking disarmed weapons - savvy or no?
  153. Dueling Heads-up
  154. Policy Restricting RP
  155. Official: Voraviel's Farewell
  156. GMs in game
  157. Vallerina and me are getting married
  158. Pay extra for plat to be threatened by staff..
  159. Start Hoarding Those Raise Dead Scrolls
  160. Emeradan's Moderating
  161. Illogical To Me
  162. Being raised AFK = Official Warning
  163. If you owned Gemstone.
  164. Good Job Emeradan
  165. Biggest GM fuckup I've ever seen
  166. Why Warden is bad.
  167. A bit much?
  168. Needed to Rename?
  169. Ikaan is a Loser
  170. Andraste Needs to Eat Less
  171. I'm not sure what to make of this...
  172. PP Alterations... NO LAUGHING AT THE TITLE.
  173. Sancting Idiot and Emeradan
  174. Andraste makes me wanna punch babies.
  175. Killed a Poacher/SCRIPTER
  176. GM nicknames
  178. Itzel Threatens!
  179. X-post from my post on the officials
  180. Emeradan the allmighty post puller
  181. GM's getting too involved
  182. Missing (Confiscated?) Item - Triforce Ring
  183. Premium mishaps
  184. WHAT CAN I DO?!
  185. PvP And Policy
  186. General Staff complaints
  187. Itzel is the new Andraste
  188. Rathmond & Friends Locked.
  189. Solomon's lack of a sense of humor.
  190. Itzel's diarrhea of the mouth
  191. Pick the post Emeradan pulled.
  192. Who has more fat rolls? Itzel or Andraste?
  193. FIRE WARDEN!!11!!!!!
  194. More douchebaggery from Andraste (long script)
  195. Referral Queues
  196. I quit - Emeradan being a big reason
  197. The cavalcade of cluelessness continues
  198. latest round of emeradan bullshit
  199. You want annoying Emeradan?
  200. Warn interact?
  201. Gemstone/Simutronics Pricing
  202. Sorcery getting sucked up into Savant
  203. You have got to be fucking kidding me
  204. GM Zyllah posts on the officials.
  205. More Andraste Fun
  206. Sirina and the Ultimate Fail!
  207. Pulled post!!!
  208. Roxia
  209. GM Referral
  210. Apparently, Andraste enjoys way too much McDonald's
  211. Dateline 8/18/2009: TA'VAALOR FINDS ITSELF UNPREPARED!!
  212. Andraste
  213. Kinda Rude for Customer Service IMO (Sirina)
  214. Complain about them yanking auction items!
  215. Double standards?
  216. I have a complaint about something bad, see inside for vague details and no real expl
  217. Since it was removed from Play.net
  218. Simu making it real convenient for players to return
  219. Andraste Send
  220. GMs are idiots
  221. Lighten/Deepen rules -- GM Fixes -- !@$!@
  222. Raliel Drops the Damn Hammer
  223. GM Solomon
  224. GH Madrei or Warn, not sure which.
  225. Pures, the historic problem child of GS.
  226. Billing Issue
  227. Gremlin invasion in Wehnimer's 11/27
  228. Official: Giftbox Vests are NOT Rechargeable
  229. @Sayzor
  230. Eavesdropping interference
  231. Itzel, gone?
  232. A WI Question
  233. A great complaint
  234. Sadie is a jerk
  235. Gemstone Free April
  236. Loghin vs. Emeradan
  237. Rude or My Fault?
  238. Good-bye Post from Sabreon
  239. Really Simu?
  241. Is Kynlee a GM?
  242. More script checks!
  243. HA!
  244. Well didn't take Wyrom long to take after his predecessors and higher ups
  245. Account Login Now Required at Wiki?
  246. Thandiwe
  247. 30 day forum ban because GM VIDUUS is a worthless piece of shit
  248. Valyrka
  249. my last email from Wyrom
  250. Chat log with Wyrom 9/19/2016