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  1. Wtf?
  2. :(
  3. WTF- Wehnimer's Trade Federation
  4. Self TD?
  5. Where are all the staff?!
  6. Report Happy FTW!
  7. Ed Hardy clothing
  8. Corrupted, Feedback, Frustration.
  9. Times you want to kill yourself (not literally, against TOS)
  10. Fuck Rheteger
  11. Dhe'nar
  12. Introduction
  13. Official forum down?
  14. Game Down
  15. How the fuck can you not manage text
  16. Game and website down?
  17. What is holding Gemstone back?
  18. I miss it GSiii
  19. Game down for anyone else?
  20. OTF Crystal-edged weapons
  21. They are so able and cool
  22. Smoke was seen billowing from Big
  23. Big Tex, a 52-foot-tall
  24. Who sits in a room near Big Tex
  25. Wills disputes can easily defend
  26. New Nike Jerseys Easily obtainable in Snsbars
  27. Inspire Characters
  28. and may even put the fate of mankind
  29. waiting for sadie
  30. Quitting again
  31. Gemstone First World Problems
  32. Should old *too* powerful items be Nerfed/Removed ?
  33. How can Seizer not spell Seizure correctly?
  34. Changes to Merchant Recharging Services
  35. Constant GS Mechanics Fan Fic on the Officials
  36. Gemstone's Most Wanted!
  37. Calling It - Smithy Won't Open
  38. Things we wish Simutronics would fix (but they probably won't)
  39. STUMP!
  40. A critique of GemStone IV posted on reddit
  41. Looking for a reason to keep playing :p
  42. Why is Wyrom tolerating Vishra being a gm?